LotusFlare Attends Digital Transformation World Copenhagen 2023 – Ignite

At DTW Copenhagen 2023 (Booth 322), LotusFlare will share its experience of helping CSPs bypass complexity to deliver valuable business outcomes using LotusFlare DNO™ Cloud. 

Santa Clara, CA – September 12, 2023 – LotusFlare, provider of a cloud-native digital commerce and monetization service for communications and media service providers, will attend TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World (DTW) in Copenhagen 2023 from 19-21 September. This year LotusFlare chose the theme “Bypass Complexity” to showcase stories of valuable business outcomes in four areas: the launch of new fiber businesses (Globe GFiber), the replatforming of legacy BSS systems (GOMO), the delivery of new fully digital brands (re:do by A1 Group) and creation of API marketplaces (T-Mobile).

On Tuesday, September 19th at 14:00 (CET), Eric Morhenn, Chief Commercial Officer of LotusFlare, and Iliyan Dimitrov, General Manager of re:do, will share the Loft Stage to discuss re:do, the new fully-digital telco brand delivered for A1 Group in Slovenia. Eric and Iliyan will discuss the delivery, launch and impact of re:do, focusing on its eSIM capability and transformative role within the telco industry. LotusFlare DNO Cloud, a cloud commerce and monetization managed service that provides an all-digital BSS for communications and media services providers, provides the software foundation for re:do.

On replatforming of legacy BSS systems, LotusFlare and Globe partnered to carry a “flash cut” migration of 3 million GOMO subscribers in just under 4.5 hours achieving an almost 100% success rate for customers. By utilizing LotusFlare DNO Cloud’s cloud-native infrastructure and modular components, Globe effectively reduced GOMO operational costs and time-to-market.

For the launch of new fiber businesses, Globe and LotusFlare teamed to launch the GFiber Prepaid service, the first fully digital prepaid fiber broadband service in the Philippines. This partnership expanded the reach of Globe’s connectivity services, improving internet accessibility for all Filipinos and democratizing fiber broadband for people who otherwise would not have access to an increasingly vital service.

LotusFlare will also impart its insights on the creation of an API marketplace for developers, DevEdge by T-Mobile. T-Mobile and LotusFlare successfully created a digital marketplace within 5 months from concept to launch, effectively simplifying complex processes and bypassing legacy. T-Mobile DevEdge also utilizes selected SaaS components of LotusFlare DNO™ Cloud.

Learn more about valuable business outcomes directly from LotusFlare at DTW 2023. Find LotusFlare at Booth 322 at Bella Congress Center from 19 – 21 September.  To book a meeting with LotusFlare, please visit this page.