Fully-digital experience to make prepaid fiber broadband more accessible

GFiber Prepaid: Making fiber broadband accessible to all Filipinos​

“GFiber Prepaid changes the game for Filipinos, empowering them to experience the power of fiber-strong internet connectivity for the needs of the entire family. This is part of Globe’s thrust to democratize access and make our reliable connectivity services more accessible across market segments.”

Issa Cabreira

Chief Commercial Officer
Globe Telecom

GFiber Prepaid Powered by Digital Network Operator®

With LotusFlare DNO™ Cloud as its software foundation, Globe created a market-changing business line using LotusFlare DNO Cloud, the GlobeOne app and GCash to offer the only fully-digital prepaid fiber broadband service in the Philippines.

Globe GFiber Prepaid within GlobeOne App

Globe wanted GFiber Prepaid to be part of the digital experience it had created for all customers, namely, the GlobeOne channel. For both mobile customer experience and website, GFiber Prepaid functionally is delivered through the GlobeOne website and the GlobeOne app (iOS and Android), which LotusFlare helped Globe develop and roll out in early 2022.

The GFiber Prepaid Story

  • LotusFlare’s approach began with helping Globe to think about and build the GFiber Prepaid service from the ‘customer experience down.’
  • LotusFlare also recommended keeping the initial set of customer offers simple. Globe opted to take a “sachet pricing” approach by utilizing LotusFlare Product Catalog. GFiber Prepaid offers four “sachets” which they call promos.
  • GFiber Prepaid was launched to friendly customers in late April 2023. The full commercial launch took place on June 15th, 2023. The Globe team was pleased to be able to deliver an entirely new business line in less than 7 months from idea to launch.

“With this innnovation we wanted to tell all Filipinos ‘Kaya Mo Now’…This is part of the Globe Group’s trust, where we wanted to democratise and make fiber accessible to all Filipinos.’

Danny Theseira

Senior Advisor for Broadband Business
Globe Telecom

Telecoms World Asia Conference Presentation – November 2023
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True Partnership: Globe & LotusFlare

Rebecca Eclipse, Chief Customer Experience & Transformation Officer of Globe Telecom, shares her views about and aspirations for the Globe-LotusFlare partnership. She discusses the impact of LotusFlare DNO Cloud on Globe’s business for the valuable business outcomes of the migration of 3 million GOMO customers and launch of new GFiber Prepaid business line.
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