Want to build awesome SaaS software, be part of a fast-growing global company and advance your career?

We are a team of doers, thinkers and builders.

LotusFlare’s mission is to design, build and continuously advance software products that simplify technology and deliver valuable outcomes to communications service providers all over the world.

Our team is passionate about simplifying technology to simplify customer experience, helping enterprises monetize any type of asset faster and more profitably.  LotusFlare is committed to delivering what has been promised and truly valuable to our customers.

We’re just getting started in carrying out this mission while growing the global team at a rapid pace. Look at our current openings to see if a role at LotusFlare may be right for you.

Careers at LotusFlare

5 reasons why people join LotusFlare


People grow — professionally and in technology experience — when they join LotusFlare.


If you want to experience the possibilities of the latest technologies, then joining LotusFlare is a great way to start.


Born from and part of the Internet culture, LotusFlare infuses the internet ethos into what we deliver to customers.


Joining LotusFlare means you’re joining a company that’s committed to building and advancing cloud-native software products.


LotusFlare values people who are fearless in their effort to build great products.

People of LotusFlare

LotusFlare core values

LotusFlare’s strength is our people and our Internet heritage which provides the ongoing spirit of looking and searching for ways to simplify technology and customer experience. LotusFlare’s team, from the longest serving member to the newest arrival, are motivated to deliver valuable business outcomes to our customers. The LotusFlare team pursues these goals based on the following core values.


We support one another, respecting our colleagues and their perspectives.
We thrive on diversity while making our environment fun and enjoyable.


We put our hearts and minds into our work, always striving for excellence.


We are a determined and passionate team working towards achieving the goals set in front of us.


We learn, adapt and grow as do our products and services. We challenge the status quo, even if the status quo is our own idea.


We value trust, transparency and honesty. We depend on one another and treat each other with respect.


We take ownership and accept full accountability for delivering top-notch results.

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