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From Experience Down

Digital commerce and monetization services that are built to enable customer experience, first and foremost

Deliver Simple, Deliver Fast

An approach that emphasizes getting to outcomes quickly using a simplified set of requirements

Full Stack, Full Value

Cloud-native SaaS components that create end-to-end capabilities using a single unified data repository

LotusFlare Customers

Offerings & Outcomes

Cloud commerce and monetization managed service that serves as a digital BSS to deliver valuable business outcomes

Launch New Digital Telco Brands

Create 5G Marketplaces

Grow & Retain Subscribers

Growth Services

LotusFlare founders learned and practiced Growth at Facebook where the discipline was invented.  Growth can be applied to any industry or digital product, going much further than what traditional marketing can deliver.  Growth is one of the key services in how LotusFlare delivers DNO Cloud to create valuable business outcomes for its customers.

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Digital Inclusion

The heritage vision of LotusFlare was to make the mobile internet as accessible and affordable as possible to people who otherwise could not get access. LotusFlare has grown and its mission has moved to the design, development and advancement of a cloud digital commerce and monetization platform.  So LotusFlare’s heritage vision lives on in its support of the cause of digital inclusion in the markets where its serves customers.

From Experience Down

LotusFlare DNO Cloud has been designed from the digital customer experience down to the business-enabling backend, not the other way around. Therefore, LotusFlare is well-suited to CSPs wanting to launch new digital brand telcos or digitalize an existing brand where customer experience is the driving force. Importantly, LotusFlare continues to design and development customer experiences in web and mobile apps. LotusFlare has helped the GlobeOne Super App reach new heights.

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LotusFlare at MWC Las Vegas 2022

LotusFlare at MWC Las Vegas 2022

LotusFlare will attend Mobile World Congress Las Vegas 2022 to showcase how LotusFlare DNO Cloud supports 5G marketplaces and Metaverse storefronts. Santa Clara, CA –