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GlobeOne Super App
Globe GOMO Goes Live on
LotusFlare DNO™ Cloud​
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Globe GFiber Prepaid Launched
LotusFlare Teams Up with T-Mobile
LotusFlare Teams Up with T-Mobile for Strategic Technology Innovation
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True Partnership: Globe & LotusFlare

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Rebecca Eclipse, Chief Customer Experience & Transformation Officer of Globe Telecom, shares her views about and aspirations for the Globe-LotusFlare partnership. She discusses the impact of LotusFlare DNO Cloud on Globe’s business for the valuable business outcomes of the migration of 3 million GOMO customers and launch of new GFiber Prepaid business line.

From Experience Down

Digital commerce and monetization services that are built to enable customer experience, first and foremost

Deliver Simple, Deliver Fast

An approach that emphasizes getting to outcomes quickly using a simplified set of requirements

Full Stack, Full Value

Cloud-native SaaS components that create end-to-end capabilities using a single unified data repository

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LotusFlare Customers

Offerings & Outcomes

Cloud commerce and monetization managed service that serves as a digital BSS to deliver valuable business outcomes

Launch New Digital Telco Brands

Launch Fully-Digital Fiber Businesses

Create 5G Marketplaces

Deliver Valuable Business Outcomes

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LotusFlare Scaling Up

LotusFlare opened new dedicated office in Belgrade as it continues to expand its team in Serbia and other locations across the globe.

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Watch & Learn: SaaS Components

From Experience Down

LotusFlare DNO Cloud has been designed from the digital customer experience down to the business-enabling backend, not the other way around. Therefore, LotusFlare is well-suited to CSPs wanting to launch new digital brand telcos or digitalize an existing brand where customer experience is the driving force. Importantly, LotusFlare continues to design and development customer experiences in web and mobile apps. LotusFlare has helped the GlobeOne Super App reach new heights.

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Exploring the Realm of Scala

Exploring the Realm of Scala

From its elegant syntax to its robust capabilities in building scalable and performant applications, Scala serves as the cornerstone of our development ecosystem. In this article, we will explore what I consider to be the heart of the LotusFlare DNO Cloud™, namely, how Scala is used.