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LotusFlare Digital Network Operator® Cloud helps communications and media services providers achieve valuable business outcomes that improve the way they serve customers.
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Simplifying Virtual Network Services

LotusFlare DNO Cloud is an innovative, simple, non-traditional commerce and monetization platform that seamlessly works as MVNE. By utilizing the DNO Cloud MNOs could capture a greater share of wallet, gain more profit and offer more services on top of their network.

5G Outcomes

Create 5G Marketplaces

Dedicated digital marketplaces provide an opportunity for CSPs to monetize investment in 5G networks, especially to enterprises and small to medium businesses.

Launch Digital Telco Brands

CSPs are creating new digital telco brands, forging new businesses outside of the core business that are all digital from the start and unencumbered by legacy processes and systems.

Launching Digital Telco Brands

Launch Digital Fiber Business

Demand for faster connectivity is rising everywhere as fiber networks continue to be built on an even greater scale. LotusFlare helps CSPs to build new all-digital fiber businesses to take advantage of the opportunity.

eSIM Customer Experience

Truly digital brands work from “experience down”, the way an Internet company does. LotusFlare eSIM manages the complex provisioning, activation, deactivation and API call flows for a myriad of eSIM-capable devices across Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.

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Showing CSPs the Art of the Possible

Showing CSPs the Art of the Possible

This month we talked with our Technical Sales and Delivery Manager, Daniel, who shared his experiences working in the telecom industry and at LotusFlare. Daniel,

Globe GOMO Goes Live on LotusFlare DNO Cloud

Globe GOMO Goes Live on LotusFlare DNO Cloud

Santa Clara, CA – September 5th, 2023 – LotusFlare today announced that GOMO Philippines, the first fully-digital telecom brand in the Philippines operated by Globe