Deliver Valuable Business Outcomes

LotusFlare offers LotusFlare DNO Cloud so communications and media services providers achieve valuable business outcomes that improve the way they serve customers
5G Outcomes

Create 5G Marketplaces

Dedicated digital marketplaces provide an opportunity for CSPs to monetize investment in 5G networks, especially to enterprises and small to medium businesses.

Launch Digital Telco Brands

CSPs are creating new digital telco brands, forging new businesses outside of the core business that are all digital from the start and unencumbered by legacy processes and systems.

Launch Digital Fiber Business

Demand for faster connectivity is rising everywhere as fiber networks continue to be built on an even greater scale. LotusFlare helps CSPs to build new all-digital fiber businesses to take advantage of the opportunity.

Grow & Retain Subscribers

Driving KPIs like activation, engagement, retention, monetization and virality is key to winning on digital. Growth is much more than just marketing – it is the intersection of product, marketing and data science.

grow retain subscribers
create metaverse storefronts

Create Metaverse Storefronts

The Metaverse is the next digital storefront for communications and media services providers, the new channel of the omnichannel experience.

Transform Customer Onboarding

Truly digital brands work from “experience down”, the way an Internet company does. Vital for acquisition is an onboarding experience that is all digital and that reduces the time to acquisition from hours to minutes.

transform customer onboarding

Lower Data Roaming Costs

LotusFlare DNO Cloud powers a LotusFlare business called Nomad. The vision of Nomad is to inspire people to travel and gain life-changing experiences all over the world. The Nomad mission: to inspire travel by curating experiences from thousands of locals and kindred-spirit travellers while taking away a modern decidedly-digital worry, the high cost of data roaming

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