Partner with Nomad

Operating in the travel industry? Add value to your travel offering with Nomad eSIM.

Provide a seamless, stress-free travel experience with Nomad eSIM

Can unpleasant roaming surprises ruin an otherwise perfect travel experience? Definitely!

Even if your service is immaculate, there are still aspects of your customers’ experience that you can’t control, like roaming charges. Or can you?

Powered by LotusFlare DNO™ Cloud, Nomad eSIM lowers data roaming costs by up to 75% and works on over 100 devices — smartphones, laptops and tablets.

By including Nomad eSIM in your travel ecosystem, you can eliminate this point of friction and make sure you’re offering the ultimate convenience to your customers.

Why is Nomad the best partner for your travel business?


Global connection

Anticipate your customers’ needs and offer them eSIM plans in 170+ countries.

Avoid roaming bill shock

Provide your customers with up to 75% savings compared to traditional roaming.

Simple onboarding and reliable services

After an easy 5-minute activation, your customers can enjoy a fast and stable 4G/5G connection.

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