Launching a new digital services provider

Moving subscriber experience beyond telecom

  • LotusFlare was chosen for its approach to delivering full-stack, fully digital BBS to support digital brands.
  • re:do customers can register and activate the service using their eSIM– or physical SIM-capable smartphone in minutes.
  • Payments, support and account information are all available via the new app or website.

    re:do wins "eSIM MVNO of the Year"

    To enable fast and reliable customer acquisition, re:do deployed LotusFlare eSIM (a SaaS component of LotusFlare DNO Cloud) allowing customers to activate and use re:do services without a physical SIM card. Since then, over 70% of acquisitions have been completed by eSIM within the re:do app.

    LotusFlare & re:do:
    On stage at DTW 2023

    At DTW Copenhagen in September 2023, Eric Morhenn, Chief Commercial Officer of LotusFlare, and Iliyan Dimitrov, General Manager of re:do, shared the Loft Stage to discuss the origin of and outcomes for re:do. Eric and Iliyan discussed the delivery, launch and impact of re:do, focusing on its eSIM capability and transformative role within the telco industry.

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    The technology foundation of re:do

    A1 Telekom Austria Group (TAG) selected LotusFlare DNO Cloud for the technology foundation of its refreshed approach to delivering digital communication services to subscribers and extending re:do’s relationship with customers beyond the boundaries of telecom service.

    Why DNO Cloud?

    A business innovation engine

    LotusFlare DNO Cloud allows you to test, tune and launch new businesses on the same DNO Cloud instance in months.

    Lower IT Total Cost of Ownership

    LotusFlare DNO Cloud enables you to significantly reduce CAPEX and OPEX expenditure. 

    Moving at Internet speed 

    LotusFlare DNO Cloud removes the burden of maintaining and upgrading a BSS stack, letting you move at the speed of Internet players.

    Valuable business outcomes

    LotusFlare DNO Cloud is proven to deliver valuable outcomes to CSPs.

    Creating re:do, the evolved digital telco

    Since launching re:do as a new stand-alone digital network service brand in early 2023, A1 Group has:

    • Reduced time-to-cash for new customers by 90%
    • Reduced support case resolution costs by nearly 60%