Cloud commerce and monetization managed service that serves as a digital BSS.

Commerce and Monetization Service for Digital BSS

LotusFlare DNO Cloud is a cloud commerce and monetization managed service that serves as a digital business support system (BSS) for communications and media services providers. So, CSPs can innovate freely, better engage with customers on all digital channels, drive customer acquisition and increase retention and monetize network assets while reducing operational costs. DNO Cloud helps enterprises achieve valuable business outcomes.


Learn about DNO Cloud, the cloud-native digital commerce and monetization service that delivers valuable business outcomes to communications services providers

Originally Cloud-Native

LotusFlare is dedicated to cloud-native technology.  LotusFlare created DNO Cloud originally using all cloud-native technology and development methods. Unlike legacy business support systems (BSS) that were re-architected and re-developed to be “cloud ready”, LotusFlare has always developed and advanced its SaaS components using a cloud-native approach.

Developed From Experience Down

LotusFlare started out designing the front-end experience and building the desired customer journeys for the optimal digital experience on mobile apps and websites – like our work with the GlobeOne Super App. Importantly, this experience was applied to the development of DNO Cloud, namely, designing the experience and then developing SaaS component capabilities that enable those experiences. This is an “experience down” approach in sharp contrast to solutions that originated in legacy billing systems or provisioning.

Full Stack, Full Value

LotusFlare offers an integrated set of SaaS components that deliver end-to-end functional capabilities that enable the desired user experience, all using a single unified data repository. LotusFlare enhances the deployment of its commerce and monetization service with a set of trusted solution partners

Patented Cloud Technology

LotusFlare is proud to have received 5 patents for the technology the LotusFlare team has developed. The fifth patent awarded to LotusFlare was in relation to multi-client capabilities of its commerce and monetization service.

DNO Business Outcome:
Create 5G Marketplaces

Helping CSPs turn new 5G networks assets into drivers of enterprise innovation

DNO Business Outcome:
Launch Digital Telco Brands

Bypass legacy and gain freedom for new processes and products to reach untapped market segments

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