Developer marketplace in 5 months

T-Mobile & LotusFlare for DevEdge

  • T-Mobile and LotusFlare partnered to create a digital marketplace for developers, DevEdge, in 5 months from concept to launch.
  • LotusFlare was chosen by T-Mobile based on earlier successful work in simplifying complex processes for new business lines.
  • T-Mobile DevEdge uses selected SaaS components of LotusFlare Digital Network Operator® (DNO™) Cloud, a cloud-native commerce and monetization platform that provides an all digital BSS for communications and media services providers.


With DevEdge, T-Mobile set out to offer an easy-to-use self-service platform that supported a marketplace for advanced network services and 5G-enabled assets.


LotusFlare developed the optimal customer buying journey which, in turn, drove the capabilities required from the commerce and monetization components. LotusFlare used the SaaS components of its DNO™ Cloud.

  • LotusFlare Contextual Engagement – An easy-to-use platform where you can create and launch personalized campaigns in just a few clicks and track results in real time.
  • LotusFlare Product Catalog – Enables fast deployment of new offers and bundling digital communications services, popular content offerings and hardware, all in a single point of truth.
  • LotusFlare User Manager – Allows enterprises to efficiently manage their users and the information needed to identify and authenticate them.
  • LotusFlare Billing and Payments – Simplifies the billing and payment framework for the DevEdge user and T-Mobile.


Reducing time-to-cash for digital services for T-Mobile, DevEdge manages the process of buying APIs, 5G-enabled services and assets and improves the customer purchase and support experience. DevEdge connects T-Mobile APIs and IoT services to enterprises and developers in a seamless way. The solution fully enables the 5G network and network provisioning systems to operate. LotusFlare and T-Mobile simplified the whole process for internal teams and more importantly, for customers – buying, using, receiving expert advice and engaging with T-Mobile network teams.  

Now available: T-Mobile IoT Developer Kit

T-Mobile launched its first IoT Developer kit – now available on the industry-leading T-Mobile DevEdge marketplace.
LotusFlare is excited to support T-Mobile in making solutions like these available to developers everywhere.

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