T-Mobile & LotusFlare

Creating a Digital Marketplace for Developers within 5 Months

America’s supercharged Un-carrier, delivering an advanced 4G LTE and transformative nationwide 5G network that offers reliable connectivity for all.

T-Mobile & LotusFlare for DevEdge

  • T-Mobile and LotusFlare partnered to create a digital marketplace for developers, DevEdge, in a 5-month period from concept to launch.

  • LotusFlare was chosen as the partner by T-Mobile based on earlier successful work in simplifying complex processes for new business lines.

  • T-Mobile DevEdge utilizes selected SaaS components of LotusFlare Digital Network Operator® (DNO™) Cloud, a cloud commerce and monetization managed service that provides an all-digital BSS for communications and media services providers.


With DevEdge, T-Mobile set out to offer an easy-to-use , self-service platform that supported a marketplace for advanced network services and 5G-enabled assets.


LotusFlare offered a solution whereby they developed the optimal customer buying journey which, in turn, drove the capabilities required from the commerce and monetization components. LotusFlare utilized the SaaS components of its DNO Cloud, a cloud-native commerce and monetization service.

  • LotusFlare Contextual Engagement – An easy-to-use platform where you can create and launch personalized campaigns in just a few clicks and track results in real-time.
  • LotusFlare Product Catalog – Enables fast deployment of new offers and bundling digital communications services, popular content offerings and hardware, all in a single point of truth.
  • LotusFlare User Manager – Allows enterprises to efficiently manage their users and the information needed to identify and authenticate them.
  • LotusFlare Billing and Payments – Simplifies the billing and payment framework for the DevEdge user and T-Mobile.

Results (So Far)

DevEdge manages the process of buying APIs, 5G-enabled services and assets and improves the customer purchase and support experience to reduce time-to-cash for digital services for T-Mobile. DevEdge connects T-Mobile APIs and IoT services to enterprises and developers in a seamless way.  The solution fully enables the 5G network and network provisioning systems to operate. LotusFlare and T-Mobile succeeded in simplifying the whole process for internal teams and more importantly, for customers – buying, using, receiving expert advice and engaging with T-Mobile network teams.  

Now Available: T-Mobile IoT Developers Kit

T-Mobile launched its first IoT Developer kit – now available on the industry-leading T-Mobile DevEdge marketplace.
LotusFlare is excited to support T-Mobile in making solutions, like the Developer Kit, available to developers everywhere.

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