Create 5G Marketplaces

Helping CSPs to turn their 5G network assets into digital service offerings that attract and engage enterprise buyers

Monetize 5G To Move Beyond The Hype

5G has been hyped to a point where the actual capabilities of networks may fall short of what was expected. Marketplaces provide an opportunity to creatively monetize investment in 5G networks.  For enterprises, marketplaces with 5G-enabled services become areas to drive innovation in their business. LotusFlare DNO Cloud helps CSPs create marketplaces so industries accelerate time-to-market and improve customer experience.

Outcome Delivered: Partnering with T-Mobile to Create a Digital API Marketplace on LotusFlare DNO Cloud

T-Mobile and LotusFlare partnered to create a digital marketplace for developers, DevEdge, within 5 months. DevEdge connects T-Mobile APIs and IoT services to enterprises and developers in a seamless way.

IDC Tech Spotlight Report on Digital Marketplaces

Sponsored by LotusFlare, Telco Opportunities For API-Driven Digital Marketplaces is an IDC Technology Spotlight Report that evaluates the role of marketplaces in supporting API-driven business models, facilitating partner engagement and enriching ecosystem-driven business models beyond their traditional connectivity offering.

The Spotlight Report provides clear recommendations for telcos evaluating and executing digital marketplace strategies. Authored by IDC Analysts Chris SIlberberg and Ahmad Latif Ali, the report provides an overview of LotusFlare DNO Cloud digital marketplace proposition.

Hear From IDC on Digital Marketplaces

In this video, Stephen Krajewski of LotusFlare discusses with expert guests, Chris Silberberg and Ahmad Latif-Ali, who wrote the IDC Spotlight Report on digital marketplaces. The report lays out clear recommendations for CSPs as they evaluate, develop and execute on digital marketplace strategies for 5G-enabled services.

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Connect With Developers

5G marketplaces enabled by LotusFlare DNO Cloud facilitate the connection of devices to CSP networks. Developers access and leverage application programming interfaces (APIs) while receiving insights into device performance. CSPs connect and collaborate with developers to create valuable relationships.

Innovative Services and Support to Developers and Enterprises

5G marketplaces give CSPs the ability to connect directly with new types of customers and offer a novel set of services. CSPs provide and support services directly with enterprises, which in turn helps to create deeper customer relationships. Marketplaces position CSPs as experts and advisors supporting the use of their network capabilities in deployments.

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