Create API marketplaces

Sell advanced network services to new audiences.

Monetize 5G beyond data plans

LotusFlare is an active participant in the GSMA Open GatewayTMForum Open API Project (operator API), and CAMARA. LotusFlare is at the cutting edge of assisting CSPs to monetize their 5G networks through API exposure. As an API marketplace, LotusFlare DNO™ Cloud offers CSPs dynamic go-to-market channels, delivers a top-tier developer experience, and supports versatile monetization options. 

  • Tap into the flourishing API market 
  • Capitalize on both the 5G network and other assets (location data, user demographics, or network analytics)
  • Be the gateway to innovation across industries
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From enablers to key players

Telcos have been enabling digital transformation across various industries. One way of monetizing investment in 5G and securing a seat at the table with the biggest innovators is through API marketplaces.
The marketplace fosters a developer ecosystem where third-party companies can create new applications and services that integrate with the telco’s core offerings. This leads to a richer user experience and increased value for both the telco and its customers.
  • Foster ecosystem growth
  • Attract new customers and partners
  • Set yourself apart from competitors
  • Shape the future of telecom

T-Mobile launches an API marketplace on LotusFlare DNO™ Cloud

T-Mobile and LotusFlare partnered to create a digital marketplace for developers, DevEdge, within 5 months. DevEdge connects T-Mobile APIs and IoT services to enterprises and developers in a seamless way.

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