Unlock New Telco Business Opportunities with LotusFlare at MWC Barcelona

Santa Clara, CA – February 22, 2023LotusFlare, provider of a cloud-native digital commerce and monetization service for communications and media service providers, will be attending Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2023 from February 27th to March 2nd.

At this year’s gathering, LotusFlare will address current topics in the communications industry and showcase recent developments in helping communications services providers (CSPs) to create new business innovation engines. The need to continually innovate and grow has been long recognized by CSPs. LotusFlare has helped CSPs create “innovation engines”, cloud-native commerce and monetization software platforms that provide a haven for business model innovation. Innovation engines exist in parallel to core systems and deliver the agility needed for CSPs to design, pilot and commercially launch new products and services quickly.

LotusFlare will promote the advancement of T-Mobile DevEdge, the 5G marketplace for developers. In 2022, LotusFlare helped T-Mobile to launch DevEdge within a 5-month period. T-Mobile DevEdge is a self-service developer platform designed to support innovators of all kinds, regardless of the stage of the innovation cycle. From start-ups to large enterprises, the platform gives developers access to T-Mobile’s leading network via a set of APIs. In Q4 2022, T-Mobile launched its first IoT kit for developers as part of the DevEdge marketplace.

LotusFlare again proved its expertise in simplifying customer experience by helping long-term partner Globe Telecom of the Philippines to launch the New Globe One Super App. With the Super App, Globe can transform the mobile self-service experience to dramatically improve performance and accelerate the shift in sales from retail to digital channels. The GlobeOne Super App gives Globe’s customers a mobile-first experience that accesses all the benefits Globe offers. It provides frictionless onboarding with the ability to access features without registration, customer rewards and special in-app promotions, plus account management from all Globe brands.

On Tuesday, February 21st, LotusFlare announced it has partnered with A1 Group, a European provider of digital services and communication solutions, to launch re:do, a new digital telecom brand. A1 Group’s vision is to digitize and simplify the classic telecommunications customer experience and move beyond telecom-only capabilities. To achieve this goal, A1 Group selected LotusFlare DNO™ Cloud for the technology foundation of its refreshed and simplified approach to delivering digital communication services. re:do has initially launched for Slovenian customers and might be offered in other A1 Group markets later.

These valuable business outcomes have been delivered on the cloud-native technology foundation of the LotusFlare DNO Cloud. LotusFlare DNO Cloud is a commerce platform that is cloud-native “from the start” so that communications services providers can, if they choose, bypass legacy systems and processes and rapidly go to market with new digital products and services. LotusFlare DNO Cloud helps communications services providers achieve valuable business outcomes, such as launching new digital brands, creating 5G marketplaces, and deploying metaverse storefronts that improve how they serve customers.

To learn more about these valuable business outcomes and telco opportunities from the LotusFlare team at MWC Barcelona 2023, please book a meeting here.

See you in Barcelona!