Self-Service Super Apps

Quit juggling many disparate apps and unify into one full-featured app for all business lines

One self-service super app to rule them all...

Self-service mobile apps were seen as self-service saviours from the early days of web self-service but over the years, CSPs tended to add new ones rather consolidate functions into one super self-service app. Not surprisingly, consumers became confused as to what to use and CSPs ended up juggling the management and maintenance of a number of self-service applications in app stores. And most importantly, many of these apps were never utilized by customers to the extent hoped.

The New Globe One Super App Experience

LotusFlare’s direct experience in delivering a self-service super app outcome is embodied in work with Globe Telecom of the Philippines. Globe decided it was time to transform the mobile self-service experience platform to dramatically improve performance and accelerate the shift in sales from retail to digital channels. 

 LotusFlare was chosen by Globe due to its track record in delivering customer experience platform solutions and expertise in advanced mobile application design and development.

Creating A Truly "Super" Self-Service App

One of the key activities in creating a mobile experience platform is the technology choices made before starting development. Before starting development on the New GlobeOne Super App, LotusFlare worked with the Globe Digital Growth team to determine the best development framework to use. Here are some of the key learnings.

A CLEAN Approach

To simplify advancement of customer experience going forward and place the app on a forward-looking technical foundation.

For All Business Lines

Manage postpaid, prepaid mobile and broadband (including fiber) in one app to increase engagement across all customer groups and promote cross-sell.

Build in Rewards & Incentives

Use the app as the way for consumers to subscribe to the latest promos and build loyalty rewards and incentives.

Focus On The Onboarding Experience

For new and current subscribers, spend time and planning on how to reduce onboarding steps so the experience is as fast and simple as possible.

Take an MVP Approach

Move quickly to roll out an MVP and then iterate in short sprints to build up and improve functionality in measured releases.

Experience Optimization

Measure and optimize the key flows in your customer journey from onboarding to transactions and leave nothing to chance.

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