Business Innovation Engines

Configure, test and roll-out new business lines within weeks.

Innovation Engines: Havens for Business Innovation

The need to continually innovate and grow has been long recognized by communication service providers (CSPs). LotusFlare has helped CSPs set up what we like to call an “innovation engine”. These are essentially cloud commerce and monetization platforms that provide a haven for business model innovation. And this concept of haven is important – innovation engines exist in parallel to core systems so that it can maintain agility to enable CSPs to test, pilot and rollout new products and services quickly.

CSPs can now create the immersive end user experience while LotusFlare DNO Cloud – makes sure that journey on both sides of spectrum stays seamless.

7 Lessons To Create A Telco Innovation Engine

Every industry – from traditional to newer internet-based business models – needs to change and constantly evolve in order to stay viable and avoid business stagnation. Terry Guo, LotusFlare Chief Product Officer, has learned and shares the key points of successful business innovation through his hands-on experience in driving innovation by CSPs.

In this paper, Terry provides his take on the business use of business innovation engines to aid the telco innovation process. He shares his view on several topics – main obstacles, innovation engine attributes and lessons from the field – to give the reader insight on how CSPs can create telco innovation engines.

LotusFlare DNO Cloud:
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Telco Business Innovation Survey

What’s the state of telco business line innovation entering the era of 5G? In cooperation with the survey ninjas at Coleman Parkes, LotusFlare asked 50 leading communications services providers (CSPs) in Europe about business line innovation. LotusFlare wanted to understand and share its findings on how important new business line innovation is as well as what helps and what hinders it.

This survey was born to tease out the state of business line innovation among leading CSPs and draw conclusions that can help build new businesses.

Business Innovation Survey Report

Innovation, or to call something “innovative”, is fraught with difficulty when you’re in the business of providing technology to enterprises that have a wide range of technology choice. At LotusFlare, we believe that the only innovation that is important are the innovations our customers carry out to create valuable business outcomes for their customers.

In this report you will find that new business line innovation by CSPs is driven by internal technology skills, market competition, and understanding of regulations. It is aided by organizational support for an environment – a technology haven – to test,
try and roll out new business lines with agility.

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Growing Into a Growth Product Manager

Growing Into a Growth Product Manager

A Growth Product Manager at LotusFlare requires a unique combination of skills, knowledge, and experience. They must understand the needs of the market, work collaboratively with cross-functional teams, and make data-driven decisions that drive growth and profitability.