LotusFlare Recognized as Leader in eSIM Customer Experience and Monetization for the Telco Industry

Santa Clara, CA - April 20, 2023 - LotusFlare, provider of a cloud-native digital commerce and monetization service for communications and media service providers, has recently been recognized in three publications as a leader in eSIM customer experience and challenger to legacy incumbents in providing monetization capabilities for communications services providers. The publications highlight LotusFlare's two main product lines, LotusFlare DNO Cloud for CSPs and Nomad, the eSIM travel app for consumers.

Three publications highlighted LotusFlares eSIM customer experience expertise in March 2023. First, Brian Chen, the lead consumer technology writer for The New York Times, examined the development and prospects for the application of eSIM technology. In this article, Chen not only reviewed eSIM capabilities compared to physical SIM cards but explained his own experience using LotusFlare’s Nomad eSIM travel app for a trip to Montreal, Quebec where he did not have a roaming plan from his US mobile phone provider.

Second, LotusFlare was featured in a report by Techno Systems Research Company of Japan that provided an eSIM and iSIM market forecast breakdown by application, regional breakdown, roadmaps for each application, market player’s supply chain situation, and market forecast. LotusFlare was highlighted as a provider of eSIM-related services and a productized SaaS component, LotusFlare eSIM, that manages the complex provisioning, activation, deactivation, and API call flow for eSIM-capable devices across Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.

Third, LotusFlare was recognized as a top four provider of eSIM orchestration in the latest edition of Counterpoint Research’s eSIM CORE (Competitive, Ranking and Evaluation) report which covers the global eSIM orchestration landscape. LotusFlare’s eSIM offering was identified by Counterpoint researchers to have “scored excellently across various parameters such as lifecycle management, interoperability, analytics and self-serve capabilities.”

In the area of monetization software for CSPs, LotusFlare DNO Cloud was profiled in Houlihan Lokey’s Software for a Connected World Report in February 2023. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the telecommunications software industry. It provides perspective on how software providers like LotusFlare are helping to advance and automate connectivity and the associated key trends defining in 2023 and beyond. In the Houlihan Lokey report, LotusFlare DNO Cloud was identified as a challenger to the legacy vendors in the monetization software category and the role LotusFlare DNO Cloud played in the T-Mobile DevEdge marketplace was reviewed in depth.