Provide eSIM customer experience

Make acquisition and onboarding feel like a breeze by enabling an all-digital eSIM experience.

Future-proof your business by offering your customers
the ultimate convenience

Successful Internet companies work “from experience down”. They first define the end-state customer experience, and then work down the technology stack to enable the experience. 

LotusFlare DNO Cloud – featuring LotusFlare eSIM – provides the capabilities to transform customer onboarding into an all-digital experience that reduces time-to-acquisition from hours to minutes.

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eSIM benefits

  • Acquire high ARPU customers with eSIM-enabled smartphones and companion devices
  • Reduce physical SIM card costs, including manufacturing, warehousing and distribution
  • Meet customer needs for a friction-free digital onboarding experience
  • Allow inbound roaming travelers to register and provision their devices in minutes
  • Support IoT, M2M and MVNO use cases
  • Register, pay, provision and port – all in one app
  • No need to visit a retail shop or call a contact center
  • No need to store physical SIM cards or worry about losing them
  • No need to ‘be your own CTO’ and worry about QR code scans or device OS settings changes
  • An OTT-inspired experience that is simple, fast and seamless

Nomad eSIM by LotusFlare

Powered by the eSIM SaaS component of LotusFlare DNO Cloud, Nomad is a marketplace of local data roaming plans for travelers. The Nomad app is available on Web, iOS and Android.

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Outcome delivered: re:do redoes eSIM customer experience

  • With LotusFlare DNO Cloud as its foundation, re:do deployed LotusFlare eSIM to allow customers to activate and use its services without a physical SIM card.
  • Thanks to the simplified experience, over 70% of acquisitions have been completed by eSIM within the re:do app.

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