LotusFlare CCS Featured In Omdia’s 5G Converged Charging Report

Omdia provides a detailed overview on LotusFlare Converged Charging System, introducing LotusFlare as a new fully cloud-native challenger to traditional offerings in the industry.

Santa Clara, CA - March 2, 2022 - LotusFlare, provider of a cloud digital commerce and monetization service for communications and media service providers, has been featured, in the latest report written by Omdia, a leading research and advisory group focused on the technology industry.

In its market overview on the maturity of convergent charging solutions in the telecoms industry, LotusFlare Convergent Charging System is portrayed as a “new challenger” on the market with a vibrant product strategy and an innovative “from experience down” approach where the primary focus is understanding the needs of its customers. LotusFlare is constantly improving its CCS solution according to CSPs’ requirements so that they can monetize fast and simply and set new challenges in product development and implementation.

Omdia’s Senior AnalystChris Silberberg, said: “As 5G buildouts mature CSPs are looking for the best charging solution to monetize their substantial 5G investments, but this is just part of the picture. Telcos are also being driven to overhaul their customers’ experience and accelerate their time to innovation to meet the markets’ evolving demands. In this report Omdia analyzes these influences to give CSPs and CCS solution providers a clear image of converged charging evolution and its future requirements.”

The full report is available here: https://omdia.tech.informa.com/OM022008/Technology-Analysis-Converged-Charging-in-5G

LotusFlare Converged Charging System (CCS) is a SaaS component of the LotusFlare Digital Network Operator® (DNO™) Stack that incorporates a charging function, charging manager, and Call Detail Records manager, which was launched in 2018. LotusFlare CCS can be deployed as a standalone charging system or within the LotusFlare DNO Stack as a fully-managed cloud commerce and monetization service for communications and media services providers. LotusFlare CCS is developed according to 3GPP standards and it is designed to be omni-service, so it can be used for fixed, mobile, satellite, non-connectivity third parties, and for services outside of telecoms. LotusFlare CCS is built on cloud-native infrastructure, supports network slicing, subscriptions, pre-and post paid, online and off-line charging.

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