Digital Network Operator

The Telecom industry is going through massive structural changes driven by 5G network deployments and customers expecting a zero-touch, digital-first sales and support model. Telecom Operators are making huge investments in the 5G network with an eye towards exploiting the benefits of 5G with lower latency, faster data speeds and network slicing.

Introducing Digital Network Operator
Introducing Digital Network Operator
Digital Network Operator is the next-generation IT platform for Telecom Operators

Leveraged by Telecom Operators globally to power a 'telco in an app' experience for customers, Digital Network Operator (DNO™) lets you enhance your existing brand or launch an entirely new brand with minimal cost, no retail presence and a fast time to market. Digital first, 5G and eSIM-ready, DNO delivers the experience that your customers expect today.

Digital Network Operator Digital Network Operator

LotusFlare DNO Stack - Developed From Experience Down

From Experience Down - Terry Guo
Digital Network Operator (DNO)
Benefits for Customers
Top-notch digital customer interaction
Top-notch digital customer interaction

Customers will find the same realtime and personalized buy, manage and inquiry flows they have come to expect from Internet company products. Digital self-care and simplified processes increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

Customize plans and usage
Customize plans and usage

Customization of plans, spending control and even sell-back unused balances. The improved experiences will attract new customers and maximize the satisfaction and retention of existing ones.

More than just rate plans
More than just ‘rate plans’

Customers can purchase connectivity plus exciting 3rd party content and personalized offers.

Benefits for Telecom Operators
New revenues
New revenues

Let customers build their own plan or purchase personalized offers in a few clicks. Acquire high-ARPU customers via a 5-star app leveraging eSIM.

Speed to market
Speed to market

Once deployed, commercial teams can launch targeted offers and advanced propositions for B2C, B2B, eSIM and IoT in minutes. No need for time consuming and costly IT configuration changes required with many legacy systems.

Significantly reduced CAPEX and OPEX
Significantly reduced CAPEX and OPEX

LotusFlare DNO is designed using state-of-the-art OTT technologies and built from the ground up to be cloud native. It operates using DevOps methodologies that significantly reduce both CAPEX and OPEX expenditure when compared to legacy BSS systems.

Easy to deploy and manage
Easy to deploy and manage

LotusFlare DNO can be deployed in just months in a public cloud environment. Specific configuration and integration parameters are accessible via the configuration management system.

Multi-brand / multi-network
Multi-brand / multi-network

Telecom Operators can manage multiple MVNOs powered by a single DNO instance. Conversely a large MVNO can integrate DNO on top of several networks to support roaming across multiple MNO networks.


Increase in CLTV


Increase in ARPU


Reduction in operating costs
Telecom Operators can use DNO to:
Launch a new digital brand(s) or MVNO.
Replace an existing BSS or IT stack.
Augment an existing BSS and IT stack with selected DNO components.
Deploy a comprehensive digital platform for broadband networks.
DNO works across Consumer, Enterprise, IoT & M2M, and MVNO segments.
Consumers today demand simple and fast signup / onboarding, intuitive digital self-service, personalized offers, and flexible terms & payment model. The DNO stack is designed to natively support these experiences desired by consumers. DNO enables Telecom Operators to launch new products and services in minutes without the traditional cost and delays associated with a legacy BSS.
Enterprise & B2B
The DNO platform is designed to create quotes and orders, manage the ordering process, handle complex fulfillment scenarios and split the bill among multiple departments. With DNO’s DevOps model and cloud native deployment, making changes or adding features is fast and easy.
IoT & M2M
DNO supports monetization across the IoT value chain (device provisioning, connectivity or service layers), subscription and usage-based pricing (ideal for IoT device and solution providers with recurring revenue business models) and cloud billing function to deploy new IoT services quickly and automate monetization processes.
MVNOs can use LotusFlare DNO as an MVNE platform to create award-winning mobile solutions and accelerate time-to-revenue. DNO is a digital commerce ecosystem, not just a billing system. DNO can be integrated with one or multiple MNO networks.
Converged Charging System

A cloud-native, 3GPP-compliant converged charging system that supports 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks with real-time rating and pricing, balance management, online and offline charging for all services, payment methods and segments.

Unified Product Catalog

A single product catalog that powers the wireless charging, billing domain and connects to self-service and assisted channels. It offers flexible product creation via three layers of entity hierarchy-service, product and offer.

Contextual Engagement Platform

Delivers personalized offers linked to customer usage, top-ups, device type or demographics. It’s next best offer the way it’s meant to be.

eSIM Cloud

A complete front and back-end solution for Telecom Operators to support eSIM and let their customers experience a fully digital on-boarding and device provisioning journey-all via an app.

Rewards & Referral

A powerful reward and loyalty engine to support reward rule configuration, loyalty tiers, referral mechanisms and rewards redemptions all through a single admin interface.

Central Data Platform

Unify various data sources and convert the incoming data into user segments, event triggers, analytics or reports. CDP incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate billing analysis, generate next best offers and predict churn.

Dynamic Product Platform

Create time-bound and location-specific offers with the most popular apps in your market today. Because whose data plan couldn’t use some flair.

User Manager

Secure and flexible registration, login and single sign-on capability that integrates with your web and mobile apps.

Order & Subscription Manager

Allows enterprises the flexibility to sell their products and services as a subscription or as a one-time purchase; create, validate and manage orders throughout the subscription lifecycle.

Omni-channel Framework

Enables users to start interaction in one channel and complete the purchase in a different channel in a seamless continuous experience. Ensures that processes and user data are independent from its channels (retail, website, apps), but provides a contextualized omni-channel view of every user.

Some of our customers use our full DNO stack, others just use specific modules.
Launching a New Digital Telco Brand.
Increasing Revenue and Loyalty with a New Digital Experience.
Raising ARPU by 20% with a Digital Brand.

We have launched new digital telco brands, upgraded IT components, integrated with many legacy telco vendors, deployed eSIM, and built some custom products along the way.