Verizon & LotusFlare

Reduction in Operating Expenses for a Major U.S. Telecom Operator

Verizon is the #2 Telecom Operator in the United States with 120 million subscribers.
United States
Verizon, United States

Verizon was heavily dependent on SMS for customer communications. The challenge was to implement a Growth framework, tailored to Verizon’s goals, that enabled efficient digital communications and campaign analytics to drive user growth on myVerizon.

The goal was to increase the number of customers using the customer care app and reduce call center and in-store support costs
A Growth playbook with best practices, tools and digital competencies from leading Internet companies.
Visualization of key data from the digital channels and user events on myVerizon.
A/B testing frameworks to run experiments to improve conversion rates.
The partnership between Verizon and LotusFlare led to:
20% increase in the number of customers using the customer care app.
Multi-million dollar cost savings in call center and in-store customer support costs.
Material improvement in the app store ratings on Apple and Google Play.
LotusFlare Growth Framework
LotusFlare Growth Framework
Higher ARPU and better retention overall
Customers who are active on the app generate:
  • Higher ARPU and better retention overall, and are less likely to churn to competitors.
  • Fewer visits to retail shops for customer support and fewer calls to customer care vs subscribers who did not use the app.