Grow & Retain Subscribers

Deploy an Internet playbook to systematically grow, retain, engage and monetize your customers

The Impact of Growth

Successful Internet companies have created products and user journeys that optimize mobile app and website discovery, engagement and retention. It starts with a streamlined onboarding experience and continues with an “aha! moment” which reveals the product’s unique magic. This ‘a-ha!’ moment builds into a habit that leads to weekly and daily engagement on the app to grow and retain subscribers. 

Whereas a marketing team will focus mainly on driving awareness and acquisition of new users, the growth discipline looks at the entire funnel. Driving KPIs like activation, engagement, retention, monetization and virality is key to winning on digital. Growth is much more than just marketing – it is the intersection of product, marketing and data science.

Growth at Verizon

The goal at Verizon was to increase the number of customers using the customer care app and reduce call center and in-store support costs.  Read how LotusFlare applied Growth services to assist in solving this problem.

How LotusFlare Applies Growth

To grow and retain susbscribers, LotusFlare Growth experts works with your marketing, products and data science teams and apply quantitative and qualitative approaches to build core product values and drive user acquisition, engagement, retention and monetization.

Increase Revenues

Surface the right offer to the right customer at the right time. Typically customers who use your app regularly will also have higher revenue and loyalty.

Cost Optimization

Reduce costs by moving customer support into digital channels and reducing one-on-one customer care in stores and call centers.

Customer Insights

Set up real-time advanced analytics on different cohorts of users. Continuously launch new features. Test what works best for acquisition, engagement, retention and monetization.

Churn Reduction

Predict churn, engage with users before they leave by providing personalized offers and increase retention.


Validate new product concepts in days, not months. Use proven tools to accelerate product development.

Experience Optimization

Measure and optimize the key flows in your customer journey from onboarding to transactions and leave nothing to chance.

How Growth Supports Marketing

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