Monetizing 5G with telecom APIs

API monetization platform for Deutsche Telekom’s MACE

Identifying API network exposure as a future growth area, Deutsche Telekom launched its Magenta API (MACE) service.

MACE is set to offer communication and network APIs to developers and business customers.

Deutsche Telekom selected LotusFlare, the telco API marketplace software leader, to provide the monetization platform.

As an API monetization engine, LotusFlare DNO Cloud offers dynamic go-to-market channels, a delightful developer experience, as well as versatile monetization options.


  • CSPs need new ways to monetize their 5G network investments.
  • Deutsche Telecom wanted to build an API marketplace offering both communication and network APIs and taking full advantage of network capabilities such as slicing and QoD.
  • DT needed a robust platform that offered a simplified, frictionless experience to developers and business customers, including SMEs.


  • Deutsche Telekom chose LotusFlare DNO Cloud to serve as an advanced monetization engine delivering a top-tier developer experience.
  • LotusFlare DNO Cloud enables simple onboarding of customers, publication of API products, purchase, metering, billing, and support.
  • Incorporating multiple go-to-market channels, DNO Cloud simplifies the process of exposing Deutsche Telekom’s portfolio of APIs for both internal teams and customers.


  • By decomposing telco services, DT has developed a new way to serve enterprise customers.
  • With MACE, DT is building a new market targeting the developer ecosystem and wholesale customers including aggregators, hyperscalers, systems integrators, and ISVs (independent software vendors).
  • Using DNO Cloud as an experience-first API marketplace, DT is able to effectively monetize its 5G network capabilities.

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