LotusFlare Employee Profile: Sanjay Nair – Becoming A “Project CEO”

Working in LotusFlare means working in a dynamic environment where customers’ needs and requirements are dynamic, challenging and often very complex. Accordingly, LotusFlare's mission is to design, build and continuously advance LotusFlare DNO Cloud that simplifies technology and delivers valuable outcomes to enterprises. Keeping pace with customers' changing requirements and how it affects the configuration and deployment of DNO Cloud is the daily reality for our Director of Client Engagement, Sanjay Nair, with whom we had a lovely chat about his experience at LotusFlare.

Tell us more about your career before LotusFlare.

Over the past two decades, I have garnered rich expertise and specialized knowledge in Service Delivery of Telecom Systems Transformation and Digital Customer Experience.

In the initial years, my forte has been to successfully lead the E2E solution architects’ team in the UK for designing best-of-breed solutions encompassing a wide range of COTS products. In my most recent position, as a captain of the ship, I was responsible for the CXO relationship with a leading telecom client in the CALA region, driving revenue and building a portfolio of ~$12 million by owning the opportunity management lifecycle.

Why did you choose this career path?

I embarked on the customer experience journey when I was 11, working as a local Cable TV Operations Assistant. At the same time I was introduced to computer programming at school and there was no looking back. Three decades later, I still continue with the same enthusiasm of the 11-year-old, sprinkled with some maturity and strategy in my mindset at every stage of business decision-making - Customer First.

Having worked only with IT services & consulting firms before LotusFlare, it has been a paradigm shift, and my first hand experience with a cloud-native product company has been very enriching so far.

What does your typical day at work look like?

One reality of my job is that there is no true ‘typical’ day. Having said that, yes, some activities are routine. I start my day by going over my schedule and have it on top of my mind for any prep work to be made. I also have my daily sync– both internal and with the client. I meet with the project team and weekly with my leadership team for project progress, impediments and next steps. The rest of the day is usually occupied with design discussions, solution delivery and client meetings.

I do keep 15-20 mins at the end of the day to ask myself in retrospect -“How did or could I add more value?”

What’s the most meaningful part of your job?

Over time I have realized that if you want your work to be more than just a job, you should be able to command your choices, leverage the skills you have mastered and at the same time have abundant opportunities to learn new ones, and finally, there is some tangible reward to your effort in the process. Having met that realization through my colleagues and leaders who acknowledge my strengths and abilities that have worked well to support LotusFlare’s vision and mission, it becomes truly meaningful.

What are your key responsibilities and what is the most challenging aspect of your role?

As the Client Engagement/Project Director, I am accountable for the overall delivery of the account/project. From managing the client relationship to planning the delivery work stack and providing structured governance up to production support and beyond. My key focus is on the engagement experience and contract compliance. In a nutshell, my role is the ‘CEO’ of the project.

Being at the forefront of where all the action takes place, it is essential to keep the team fully engaged on key feedback and also set the right expectations with the client. This at times becomes very challenging with stakeholders, both internal and external, having varying personalities, cultures and industries.  Having a fairly high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skill level has helped me navigate through these challenges and strike a balance between advocating for the client and advocating for LotusFlare.

How would you describe LotusFlare to someone that is considering joining our team?

In short, if you want to grow, both personally and professionally, collaborate with a team of committed & bright minds on cloud-native technologies, and experience the realization of how your effort is bringing in a positive influence within the Telecom industry and ultimately to the customers, then welcome to the LotusFlare family.

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