Blog: LotusFlare and Technology Spotlight on Digital Marketplaces

Communications service providers (CSPs) are now seeking innovative ways of monetizing their 5G assets and using their network to the fullest instead of only selling simple 5G data plans. One path is to create digital marketplaces, something which many CSPs are already exploring but not yet ready to fully utilize. CSPs can offer compelling and innovative use cases to get a community of developers to build software using their 5G marketplace.

IDC Technology Spotlight, sponsored by LotusFlare, Telco Opportunities For API-Driven Digital Marketplaces, is an IDC Technology Spotlight that evaluates the role of marketplaces in supporting API-driven business models, facilitating partner engagement and enriching ecosystem-driven business models beyond their traditional connectivity offering. The Spotlight provides clear recommendations for telcos evaluating and executing digital marketplace strategies. Authored by IDC Analysts Chris SIlberberg and Ahmad Latif Ali, the report provides an overview of LotusFlare DNO Cloud as a digital marketplace proposition. LotusFlare DNO™ Cloud is a cloud-native commerce and monetization service that provides a digital BSS for CSPs to deliver valuable business outcomes. (IDC Technology Spotlight, sponsored by LotusFlare, Telco Opportunities For API-Driven Digital Marketplaces, #EUR149553522, August 2022)

Eric Morhenn, Chief Commercial Officer of LotusFlare, commented: “LotusFlare believes that marketplaces with 5G-enabled services will help enterprises drive innovation. CSPs can monetize their investments in both the 5G network and underlying assets – such as APIs or physical equipment – that drive more utilization of the 5G network. LotusFlare DNO Cloud supports the creation of digital marketplaces and we are continuously advancing it as a leading digital BSS.”

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Developed from the customer experience down, LotusFlare DNO Cloud is cloud-native in origin to help providers achieve valuable business outcomes, including the rapid launch of new digital brands, simplification of business systems architectures, monetization of 5G network assets, reduction in time-to-market and increasing subscriber acquisition and retention. LotusFlare DNO Cloud is a fully-managed service that is implemented and supported by LotusFlare and utilizes the functionality of the LotusFlare Digital Commerce Platform. Learn more here.

Magdalena Marjanovic
Marketing Content and Communications Manager