Nomad eSIM Travel App from LotusFlare Featured in The New York Times

Santa Clara, CA - March 27, 2023 - Nomad, the eSIM travel app developed by LotusFlare, has been featured in an article about eSIM technology published by The New York Times on March 23, 2023.

Brian Chen, the lead consumer technology writer of The New York Times, examined the development and prospects for the application of eSIM technology. Chen reviewed eSIM capabilities compared to physical SIM cards, the benefits provided by a software-based SIM as well as concerns about privacy and simplicity of the technology in the hands of consumers. Using LotusFlare’s Nomad eSIM travel app as an example, Chen highlighted the benefits that eSIM provides to travelers who need mobile data connectivity in the countries they visit but are at risk of being charged for the high-cost data when roaming internationally.

The article describes the author’s direct experience of using Nomad for a trip to Montreal, Quebec where he did not have a roaming plan from his US mobile phone plan provider. He chose Nomad because of its “high reviews in the App Store”, downloaded Nomad, and purchased a Canadian local data plan while still in the United States prior to the trip. And then, as he describes it, “As I crossed the border into Canada, I went back into the cellular settings, selected the Nomad phone line, and toggled on the option for “Turn on this line.” The experience was positive enough for him to recommend other family members to use.

The author shared what he thought was a limiting factor for eSIM, “Herein lies the real problem: Less tech-inclined folks are probably not going to know how to use eSIM services.”  LotusFlare’s Chief Product Officer and Co-founder, Terry Guo, explained that today eSIM apps are being used more and more by a younger tech-savvy generation. Guo offered that the key to Nomad's success so far lies in LotusFlare’s determination to make eSIM activation as easy and as straightforward as possible for all generations. “We are doing a lot of work in the app to make this simpler,” Guo said.

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