LotusFlare Opens New Dedicated Building in Belgrade

LotusFlare celebrated the opening of a new office in Belgrade as it continues to expand its team in Serbia and other locations across the globe.

Belgrade, Serbia – October 12, 2022 – Last Monday, LotusFlare, provider of a cloud-native digital commerce and monetization service for communications and media service providers, officially opened its new dedicated office in Belgrade at Kneza Danila 46.

The building provides more than 600 square meters of space to the LotusFlare team in Belgrade, which includes engineering, human resources, marketing and operations. LotusFlare worked together with our engineers to plan and structure the office as they wanted. The meeting rooms are furnished according to requirements of our employees, and open space is divided into sections, as now every team has its own piece of the office.

“I am very proud of the growing LotusFlare team and how we are scaling up in Belgrade and across the globe. This new dedicated office represents our commitment to Belgrade as a place to grow LotusFlare and adds to our motivation to go even further and become even better in what we do – delivering valuable business outcomes for our customers “, said Sam Gadodia, CEO of LotusFlare.

Besides creating a better and healthier environment for our employees, the new office has more space to organize tech talks and meet with prospective customers. Accordingly, LotusFlare plans to conduct open days for engineering and mathematics students.

LotusFlare has nearly 80 employees in Belgrade, at this time and it will continue to add new joiners in the future. Visit our careers page and explore current openings here: https://lotusflare.com/careers/current-openings/