LotusFlare Joins the Camara Telco API Alliance

Santa Clara, California  – November 28, 2022  – LotusFlare, provider of a cloud-native digital commerce and monetization service for communications and media service providers (CSPs), has joined the Camara Project Telco Global API Alliance, an open source project within the Linux Foundation to define, develop and scale telecommunications APIs.

LotusFlare joined Camara to support and advance API marketplaces. These new marketplaces allow CSPs to monetize their network assets and bring them closer to innovation occurring in the developer community. The Camara Project works to ensure that any API used while building a marketplace is aligned with the GSMA Operator Platform Group and with clearly defined technical documentation. To achieve seamless customer experience and availability across telco networks, the Camara Project works to ensure that APIs are synchronized and updated in an agile manner.

In the 5G era, LotusFlare believes it is important to simplify technology and reduce complexity when accessing telco APIs. The on-demand, secure and controlled exposure of API capabilities transforms CSP networks into service enablement platforms, which are essential to deliver enhanced customer experience in the digital era.

LotusFlare CCO Eric Morhenn commented: “We are excited to join industry leaders Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile, Orange, Microsoft, Vodafone and others in the Camara community. We fully support Camara’s vision and look forward to collaborating with the members. The work of Camara aligns closely with on-going LotusFlare projects for our CSP clients in North America to build and monetize developer-focused API marketplaces.”

About Camara Project
CAMARA was initiated in 2021 by a small number of telco operators, vendors and hyperscalers and launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on the 28th of February 2022 with 22 partners. CAMARA was established as an open source project in the Linux Foundation, with a legal framework / terms of reference to the GSMA OPG group to ensure a smooth collaboration. In the meantime CAMARA has grown to about 50 partners.