Choosing To Be Employee #1

When I decided to join LotusFlare as the first employee located in India, some of my colleagues from companies where I had once worked asked me why I took the chance of joining a new company as its first employee in this region.

My answer was that, in taking this chance, I saw a unique opportunity. Yes, there is risk in anything we do (fact of life, I guess), but in choosing to take this role, my thoughts were more on the opportunity the role presented by being able to build up something in the country where I live.

LotusFlare was founded by Facebook alums with a heritage vision “To provide internet connectivity to every human on the earth.”  This was, in my view, the type of company I wanted to work for, regardless of whether it had yet to be set up in my locale. Given the experience of the COVID pandemic, connectivity has been proven to be vital for many people. Thus, I had confidence that the company had started on the right path and I could continue that path in India.

And on top of this, I saw a world of opportunities to grow by applying what I have learned along the way in my career and helping to build into the LotusFlare way of serving communications and media services providers.

So here I am, after one month of being Employee #1 for LotusFlare in India, and I feel pretty good about it. I feel cared for and heard by everyone with whom I am interacting with from C-level people to senior VPs and to my peers. There’s a good level of respect and a listening ear for suggestions and improvements to advance our offerings and delight our customers, as CEO Sam likes to say.

And I am encouraged that the company is listening to the market as it redirects the way it’s defining and pursuing its purpose and mission  - namely to “Simplify Technology - Simplify Experience” - as it remains true to its original heritage.

Now, as we build, we’ll be looking for India Employee No. 2, and 3, and so on.  

LotusFlare is looking for Business Analysts, Frontend Engineers, Backend Engineers, Infrastructure Engineers, Test Engineers and Solution Architects to join our small - you know how small - and soon to be growing team in India.

Neha Shrivastava
Senior Solutions Architect and Employee #1

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