LotusFlare Digital Health Provider (DHP) Cloud

LotusFlare DHP Cloud empowers you to deliver health services virtually.

Healthcare providers all over the world are driving to become patient-centric to produce better health outcomes, broaden access to care and reduce the cost of care delivery.

LotusFlare DHP Cloud creates an efficient healthcare offering, using cloud-native technology that improves the patient experience and reduces costs.

Key features of LotusFlare DHP Cloud:

Patients and clinicians can connect anytime, anywhere.

Telehealth & e-prescriptions to reduce wait times.

Offer health and wellness services through a network of partners.

100% secure and HIPAA-compliant.

Virtual Clinic for Doctors

Open virtual clinic for free and expand patient reach without border:

  • Conveniently publish teleconsultation hours and manage appointments.

  • Enjoy flexibility in providing instant consultations.

  • Access patients’ electronic medical records with ease.

  • Audio, video and text communication with patients.

  • Provide e-prescriptions and clinical notes.

Daily operation, marketing and support at ease:

  • Approve doctor’s virtual clinic request.

  • View and manage doctor’s and patient’s information.

  • Easily create subscription plans.

  • Conveniently generate promotional campaigns.

  • Support customer with various tools.

  • Access to reports for business intelligence.

LotusFlare and MPIC partnered to deliver a virtual clinic service for the customers of mWell PH, a new healthcare services business, using LotusFlare Digital Health Provider (DHP) Cloud.

Download the customer story to learn how LotusFlare created a virtual clinic within 6 months.

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