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Mobile and Cable

To succeed in the digital age, Operators need a new type of partner: a digital native with an OTT background. LotusFlare was founded by the team that helped Facebook reach over one billion users on mobile.

Mobile Operators can no longer compete on network speed alone, and competing on price leads to eroding margins. Brands that can provide personalized and friction-free digital experiences command higher user engagement, loyalty and margins.

Digital Network Operator® and the LotusFlare Growth Platform help Operators build these awesome digital experiences, and then systematically drive user acquisition, engagement, retention and monetization on these apps and websites,
just as leading Internet players do.



Media & Tech

Customers expect instant access to media on dozens of screen types and operating systems.

From interfaces to personalized recommendations and analytics, everything needs to work instantly and interchangeably across devices. This rapid migration to a multi-screen world requires media companies to deploy new tools and frameworks.

In the age of mobile-first media consumption and of convergence between mobile operators, cable operators and media companies, the ability to provide outstanding digital experiences has become critical to companies in media and technology.

We have built the LotusFlare Growth Platform to help media companies drive engagement and monetization on mobile apps and websites.

LotusFlare verticals

Friction-free onboarding

Remove friction in the registration and subscription flows to increase conversion rates and user monetization across all your digital channels.

LotusFlare verticals

Curation and audience targeting

Leverage the power of Big Data to provide recommended offers, personalized to each one of your customers.

LotusFlare verticals

Audience Engagement

Integrate social media and influencer content to provide an authentic experience to your audience.

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Financial Services

Customers expect smart, personalized digital banking services.

Services need to be delivered seamlessly and provide a five star digital experience that goes beyond banking to drive loyalty and engagement.


Banks need to provide a five star digital experience that goes beyond traditional financial services and drives loyalty and engagement. To succeed in the digital age banks need to:

  • Deliver outstanding digital experiences
  • Go above and beyond customer expectations
  • Operate with agility and innovation

Better UX and UI

To delight customers on digital channels, successful banks need to combine best practices in user interaction and user experience with state-of-the-art APIs, dynamic growth tools and AI-powered analytics.

LotusFlare has developed a modular range of digital products and services that help financial institutions face these challenges and help create the bank of the future.

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Growth Platform

Shift the majority of routine transactions into your banking app and out of call centers.

Fraud & Risk Management

Use AI to differentiate fraudulent interactions from legitimate business transactions.

Churn Prediction &
Modeling Analysis

Identify customers likely to churn and proactively engage them before it is too late.

Compliance and Regulatory

Monitor and recognize abnormal trading patterns.


We built a churn prediction model based on machine learning for the largest bank in Indonesia, which has 30 million retail customers across 5,000 branches. In less than six months, we gathered over 24 million data points and are now able to predict customer attrition at an individual level with over 80% accuracy.

Combined with personalized marketing offers to drive retention, the LotusFlare Big Data Platform will help our client reduce customer attrition by 5% in the next quarters.