Rewards and Referral

A strong rewards and referral program is proven to drive customer acquisition, engagement and retention for enterprises.

A well designed referral program can mean the difference between a new product fizzling out or going viral. LotusFlare has gathered best practices from successful Internet companies to create a world-class program to improve customer acquisition, engagement and retention.
Depending on the business objective, the rewards and referral program can be implemented using various incentives and outcomes:
Rewards and Referral points
  • Activity Based Reward Activity Based Reward
  • Elite Tier Programs Elite Tier Programs
  • One-time Offers One-time Offers
  • Daily Rewards Daily Rewards
  • Make Rewards and Loyalty Social Make Rewards and Loyalty Social
  • Referral Program Referral Program
Activity Based

Activity Based

  • Every purchase earns 3 reward points.
  • Each top up earns 1 reward point.
  • Users connecting their Facebook profile earn 20 points.
Elite Tier Programd

Elite Tier Program

  • Silver and Gold Tier.
  • Earn 500 points to qualify for Silver tier.
  • Elite tier resets on calendar month.
  • Collect 1,000 points at time of qualification and 5% discount on all purchases at Silver Tier.
Daily Rewards and Gamification

Daily Rewards and Gamification

  • Spin-wheel on a daily basis with chance to win various prizes.
  • Get rewarded to spin the wheel after every top-up.
well designed referral program well designed referral program
Referral Program

Referral Program

Make invitations easy and viral.

Send invitations to friends via email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Easily manage and adjust your reward program from a single web portal.
Subscriber Experience
Subscriber Experience
Create a program that is engaging and fun for all your customers.