Digital Enablement Platform

To succeed in the digital age you need a new type of partner - digitally native with an Internet background. LotusFlare was founded by the team that helped Facebook reach over one billion users on mobile.

LotusFlare’s Digital Enablement Platform, a suite of digital products for enterprises, incorporates best practices from successful Internet companies to grow revenue, reduce cost, simplify the IT stack and accelerate time-to-market. The products can be quickly integrated to help enterprises grow their business and radically improve their digital customer experience.

Digital Enablement Platform is designed to be completely modular so that products can be used individually and integrated into your current IT platform. The solution can be hosted on private or public cloud and the cloud infrastructure can be managed by LotusFlare.

Key Benefits of Digital Channels
Touchless customer sign-up
Touchless customer sign-up and onboarding to replace traditional, costly retail sales channels.
Highly targeted personalized
Highly targeted personalized and contextual offers for customers.
Smart multi-channel customer care
Smart multi-channel customer care.
Unified Product Catalog

Bundle rate plans with the latest 3rd party video, music and gaming services.

eSIM Cloud

A complete front and back-end solution for Telecom Operators to let their customers experience a fully digital on-boarding and device provisioning journey - all via an app.

User Manager

Secure and flexible registration, login and single sign-on capability that integrates with your web and mobile apps.

Order & Subscription Manager

Allows enterprises the flexibility to sell their products and services as a subscription or as a one-time purchase; create, validate and manage orders throughout the subscription lifecycle.

Converged Charging System

A cloud-native, 5G-ready solution that allows Telecom Operators to have a real-time engine for rating and pricing, balance management, online and offline charging for all services, payment methods and segments.

Central Data Platform

Unify various data sources and convert the incoming data into user segments, event triggers, analytics or reports.

Rewards & Referral

Create a framework for reward points redemptions, rule configuration, loyalty tiers, and referral mechanisms. Manage your rewards program to engage and retain customers from a single web portal.

Contextual Engagement Platform

Create campaigns that send personally targeted messages to customers based on a schedule or a trigger event. Measure the impact through delivery and conversion metrics.

Dynamic Product Platform

Create time-bound and location-specific offers with the most popular apps in your market today.