Contextual Engagement Platform

To win in digital you need to send the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time. The key is understanding customers needs at precise moments in time in order to grow engagement and monetization.

This is why we built the Contextual Engagement Platform
an easy to use platform where you can create and launch personalized campaigns in just a few clicks and track results in real-time.
Contextual Engagement Platform by LotusFlare
Increase revenues
Increase revenues
Increase revenues via advanced segmentation and next best offer campaigns.

Retain customers through contextual and multi-channel messages.
Test and optimize
Test and optimize with an A/B test framework
Experiment and learn about campaign effectiveness to increase engagement through personalized messages sent via push notification, inbox, pop-up, email or SMS.
Immediate campaign analytics
Immediate campaign analytics
Dashboard to measure customer engagement and campaign results.

Track conversion rates based on different messages.
How can you build and deliver personalized digital offers, set up a referral program to grow your user base and revenue in no time?


CEP before


CEP after

End-to-end campaign management

Contextual Engagement Platform lets companies design campaigns and target their delivery to specific segments of customers at a certain time, based on specific trigger events.

Contextual Trigger & Upsells

Contextual Engagement Platform is used to send users the right message or offer at the right time and place, based on context and direct or indirect user actions.

Contextual Engagement Platform Contextual Engagement Platform
Immediate campaign analytics

Immediate campaign analytics

An automated way to drive engagement KPIs by arranging messages into a user journey towards conversion. A timeline consists of a series of campaigns with a conversion event as the ultimate goal. An enterprise can load a sequence of messages into the timeline and experiment with the conversion rate.

Product Integration

CEP can connect to first party or third party product catalogs. Enterprises are able to strengthen their own portfolio by creating strategic alliances with third-parties an bundling their services.

Product Integration
Direct Purchase

Direct Purchase

Users can make purchases directly in the digital channel where they receive the message. For example, receive an SMS to buy a roaming bundle, respond by texting YES and the transaction is done.