Central Data Platform

Enterprises today have an immense amount of customer data residing in disparate systems with no easy and efficient way to leverage that data to trigger actionable insights and drive personalized interactions. Understanding your customer's behavior and responding accordingly is one of the most important differentiators and competitive advantages today.

This is why LotusFlare built the Central Data Platform, a state-of-the-art orchestration layer that easily integrates with your existing systems.
collect unify access
Central Data Platform is an orchestration layer that makes data accessible for all teams in real-time and in an easy to use interface.
Data Collection
Data Collection

Data Collection - Collect data from different sources.

  • Customer usage data - Voice and data consumption history
  • Demographic data - Age and gender
  • Purchases and top-ups - Transaction history
  • Channel engagement and behavior - Behavior data on apps and websites
Unified Data Model
Unified Data Model

Unified Data Model - Convert data from different formats in a single table that is easily accessible.

  • Business reporting
  • Business intelligence and product analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Machine learning and data models
Access Real-time Segmentation
Real-time Segmentation

Access Real-time Segmentation

  • Framework that enables enterprises to cluster users into different cohorts and provide personalized experiences and campaigns in real-time.