Transform Customer Onboarding

Streamline the crucial onboarding process by transforming to an all-digital experience to delight and retain customers

All-Digital Experience To Drive Acquisition

Truly digital brands work from “experience down”, the way an Internet company does. This means they begin by defining the end-state customer experience, working down the technology and support systems to enable (not dictate) the experience. This is vital for acquisition – an onboarding experience that is all-digital and reduces the time-to-acquisition from hours to minutes. Mobile app research, design and development create the end user experience while LotusFlare DNO Cloud – featuring LotusFlare eSIM – provide the underlying capabilities to transform customer onboarding.

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eSIM Benefits For CSPs

  • Acquire high ARPU customers with eSIM-enabled smartphones and companion devices.
  • Reduce physical SIM card costs, including manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.
  • Meet customer needs for a friction-free digital onboarding experience.
  • Inbound roaming travellers can now register and provision their device in minutes.
  • Support IoT, M2M and MVNO use cases.

eSIM Benefits for Customers

  • Register, pay, provision and port – all in one app.
  • No need to visit a retail shop or call a contact center.
  • No need to store physical SIM cards or worry about losing them.
  • No need to ‘be my own CTO’ and worry about QR code scans or device OS settings changes.
  • An OTT-inspired experience that is simple, fast and friction-free.
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Transform Onboarding with LotusFlare eSIM

LotusFlare eSIM Cloud manages the complex provisioning, activation, deactivation and API call flows for a myriad of eSIM-capable devices across Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. In addition to consumer use cases, LotusFlare eSIM Cloud has an advanced set of capabilities which supports IoT and M2M use cases, including IoT and M2M eSIM flows, device management and eSIM management.

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Streamlining eSIM Implementation
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Streamlining eSIM Implementation

LotusFlare implementation expert Diego Rojas provides his perspective on eSIM implementation today, what we have learned from live deployments and eSIM as a process going forward.