Launching Digital Telco Brands

Bypass legacy and gain freedom for new processes and products to reach untapped market segments and drive digital transformation

Launching a new digital telco brand is the transformation program for the 5G era.

According to McKinsey, failure rates for digital transformation projects in the telecommunications industry are estimated to be as high as 70%. LotusFlare has seen that CSPs are turning to another strategy to make digital transformation work. Instead of revising or repurposing legacy systems and processes, CSPs are turning to the process of creating new digital telco brands, creating a new business outside of the core that’s all digital from the start and unencumbered by legacy processes and systems. Using the LotusFlare DNO Cloud, LotusFlare specializes in delivering the business outcome of launching digital telco brands to help CSPs achieve the fundamental KPIs driven by a focused digital transformation program.

Outcome Delivered: re:do Launches As New Digital Brand and Wins eSIM Experience Award

LotusFlare was chosen for its refreshing approach to delivering a full-stack, fully-digital BBS to support digital brands. re:do customers are able to register and activate the service using their eSIM or physical SIM-capable smartphone in minutes. Designed and built from “the customer experience down” with OTT best practices, LotusFlare DNO Cloud was deployed on the public cloud for A1 and configured for the needs of local customers in the Slovenian market.

5 Points to Consider: Launching New Digital Telco Brands

Read the LotusFlare eBook on the process of helping CSPs deliver a specific outcome, namely, the launch of new digital telco brands. The learning that LotusFlare shares comes from first-hand experience and observations of companies that LotusFlare has assisted in building new digital brands in their local markets.

Successful Digital Transformation: It's Complicated

LotusFlare’s Stephen Krajewski talks about advice LotusFlare has been given by its CSP customers to increase the chance of success in digital transformation projects.

The Choice is Yours

Not all new digital telco brands are “mobile only”. In fact, CSPs now have a choice of mobile, fixed or even a combination of both.
LotusFlare is pleased to share two stories – one mobile and one fixed – of new digital telco brands launches using the LotusFlare DNO Cloud.

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