Build digital telco brands

Drive digital transformation and reach new market segments unconstrained by legacy.

The transformation program for 5G era

Instead of revising or repurposing legacy systems and processes, create a new telco brand that’s outside the core and all-digital from the start.

With LotusFlare DNO™ Cloud, you can launch digital telco brands and achieve your KPIs driven by a focused digital transformation program.

Clean slate

Starting a digital telco brand using LotusFlare’s advanced BSS allows you to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Deliver a seamless customer experience
  • Attract customers looking for something different
  • Quickly respond to market trends, customer needs and technological advancements
  • Scale without unnecessary complexity
  • Act on insights enabled by LotusFlare Data Hub

5 points to consider when launching digital telco brands

LotusFlare shares valuable learnings based on first-hand experience and observations of companies that LotusFlare has assisted in building new digital brands.

Outcome delivered: Digital brand re:do wins eSIM Experience Award

Using LotusFlare DNO Cloud, parent brand A1 launched re:do on the public cloud to deliver a smooth and simplified customer experience.

Thanks to LotusFlare’s full-stack, fully digital BSS, re:do customers can register and activate the service using their eSIM- or physical SIM-capable smartphone in minutes.

Digital transformation

Find out about advice from our CSP customers on increasing the chance of success in digital transformation projects.

Mobile, fixed or both

LotusFlare is pleased to share two stories – one mobile and one fixed – of new digital telco brand launches using DNO Cloud.

Ready to delve into all-digital?