Launch Digital Fiber Businesses

Bypassing complex legacy BSS to reduce business risks and roll out fully-digital fiber businesses with agility

Bypass complexity to roll out fully-digital fiber businesses​

The complexity of legacy BSS can often presents a formidable challenge to the process of quickly rolling out new business lines. When it comes to fiber businesses, building a business case on an existing IT stack can be long and risky process. That’s why LotusFlare believes that bypassing complex legacy BSS can reduce business risks and help get the new fiber businesses to market with speed and agility.

Outcome Delivered: Globe GFiber Prepaid on LotusFlare DNO Cloud

Learn how Globe created a market-changing business line using LotusFlare DNO Cloud, the GlobeOne app and GCash to offer the only fully-digital prepaid fiber broadband service in the Philippines.

Digital Fiber Business

Point of View: Monetizing Digital Fiber Business

Download this LotusFlare POV paper to read about the insights on how CSPs can better monetize digital fiber assets and create new fully-digital fiber businesses. The LotusFlare point of view paper offers a quick overview of the current state of the consumer fiber broadband market and recommendations for strategy.

Create A Fully-Digital Fiber Broadband Customer Experience

LotusFlare’s experience design team works closely with UI/UX teams to design and build the desired customer journeys for the optimal digital experience on the mobile apps and website of the newly-launched fiber business. Using LotusFlare DNO Cloud Omnichannel Framework, LotusFlare configures DNO Cloud so customers receive a great experience onboarding and when returning for ongoing service and support.

Creating New Business Lines with Agility Built-In

Building a new-generation fiber business, can take a lot of energy and effort. With LotusFlare DNO Cloud, CSPs can overcome challenges by bypassing complex legacy systems and launch new businesses in a matter of weeks. LotusFlare understands how to create and launch digital fiber brands fast and with precision.

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Watch & Learn: The Globe GFiber Prepaid Story

At Telecoms World Asia in November 2023, Danny Theseira, Senior Advisor for Broadband Business of Globe Telecom, discussed market conditions in the Philippines and revealed how Globe developed a strategy to democratize broadband to connect and uplift the lives of Filipinos. He touched on the technology for the fully-digital BSS foundation and described the key capabilities of GFiber Prepaid, the newly launched business line by Globe, including GCash to simplify the purchase experience for customers. LotusFlare DNO Cloud provides the cloud-native software foundation for Globe GFiber Prepaid.

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