Create Metaverse Storefronts

The Metaverse is the next digital storefront for communications services providers, the new channel of the omnichannel experience

The Next Digital Storefront

The metaverse is emerging and, in the coming years, communications and media services providers will test, trial and refine how this 3D version of the internet will be able to serve and support their customers. As the next channel for CSPs, LotusFlare has the expertise to create metaverse storefronts as proof of concepts for LotusFlare DNO Cloud.

Create Metaverse Storefronts

LotusFlare DNO Cloud includes an Omnichannel framework that enables a customer to receive the same experience when purchasing, onboarding and receiving ongoing service. LotusFlare builds these great experience front-ends – mobile apps, websites and now metaverse storefronts – as part of DNO Cloud deployment services

LotusFlare Builds Great Channel Experiences

LotusFlare DNO Cloud deployment services includes the creation of integrated mobile apps and websites for customer self-service. LotusFlare builds from experience down and, in the case of the Globe’s new Super App, GlobeOne, LotusFlare helped to drive significant improvement in application adoption and customer satisfaction.

Monetizing The Metaverse

Communications and media services provider are at the early stages of considering how the metaverse will impact their business. Hear from LotusFlare’s Terry Guo, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, who provides take on the metaverse including a definition of the metaverse, the impact upon and opportunities facing CSPs and what he sees as the timeline for the metaverse to really take hold on enterprises.

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