GenAI Services

Building upon excellence.

A use-case-led AI transformation

LotusFlare DNO Cloud includes advanced GenAI components to better serve your customers. In addition to speeding up the development and delivery processes, we’re improving existing applications to deliver outstanding business outcomes.

Supercharging key functionalities

Do more with the data you already have.

Customer Care

  • Intelligent virtual assistant (IVA)
  • Intelligent voice assistant
  • Care agent copilot


  • Marketing campaign generation
  • Content generation
  • Marketing analytics
  • Marketing tasks automation

Business Operations

  • Analytics assistant
  • Promotional campaign configuration and testing

Sales Operations

  • Digital sales assistant

LotusFlare DNO Cloud GenAI

Components to empower your insights and productivity in a data-safe way.


Privacy layer

A layer to prevent sensitive customer information from leaking to public large language models (LLMs).

Model evaluator

A framework to evaluate the performance of LLMs on specific tasks.


Tailor LLMs to perform better on specific tasks by training them on your datasets.

LLM hosting

Reduce the cost of using LLMs by hosting your own model.

Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)

A framework to enhance the reliability and accuracy of your LLMs by linking them to external up-to-date data sources.

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