Managed Services
Expert services to implement, configure, operate and support LotusFlare DNO Cloud in communications and media services providers

LotusFlare DNO Cloud Managed Services

LotusFlare’s approach is to deliver simple and deliver fast to reach the valuable outcomes about desired by your business. LotusFlare DNO Cloud is delivered as a managed service comprised of a range of professional services to implement, configure, operate and support your deployment. LotusFlare follows delivery and operational best practices to ensure that agility and structure are applied to every delivery engagement. To deliver simple yet deliver fast, LotusFlare utilizes a hybrid phased approach in an agile manner so as to ensure control over scope or deliverables.  The services included in every DNO Cloud deployment are described below.

Experience Design & Development

Digital customer channels are more important than ever. Working with LotusFlare, CSPs do not need separate suppliers to create the websites, mobile apps or metaverse storefronts. LotusFlare provides these valuable services as part of the DNO Cloud Service.


To enable the DNO Cloud managed commerce and monetization service, LotusFlare experts work directly with your teams to configure LotusFlare DNO Cloud SaaS components to support the exact requirements of the project.


DNO Cloud works within current and prospective systems environments and LotusFlare provides integration services as part of the managed service – from full-featured CRM systems and chatbots to network provisioning systems.


24×7 customer support, dedicated account management, training resources and documentation are included in the DNO Cloud managed service. LotusFlare creates and provides ongoing support according to agreed SLAs between LotusFlare and its communications and media services customers.

Third-Party Solutions

Services for the deployment of LotusFlare DNO Cloud include the management of third-party solutions that a CSP may choose as part of the overall solution. LotusFlare has preferred partner solutions.

Growth Services

LotusFlare Growth Services provide an Internet playbook to build core product values and drive user acquisition, engagement, retention and monetization.

LotusFlare DNO Cloud Experience Design & Development

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