DNO Cloud Omnichannel

Deliver a seamless, continuous and rewarding experience across all of your digital channels – app, web, contact center and metaverse

DNO Cloud Omnichannel

LotusFlare DNO Cloud is a cloud commerce and monetization managed service that serves as a digital business support system (BSS) for communications and media services providers. LotusFlare DNO Cloud Omnichannel framework enables users to start interaction in one channel and complete interaction in a different channel for a seamless rewarding experience. Combined with LotusFlare’s app, web and metaverse design and development services, DNO Cloud processes and user data are independent from its channels to provide a contextualized omni-channel view of users.

LotusFlare Omnichannel Framework

Built-in infrastructure to distribute LotusFlare DNO Cloud capabilities to any engagement channel

Metaverse Enablement

The next storefront for communications and media services providers using DNO Cloud components

Web & Mobile App Enablement

Standard customer flows and process to rapidly build self-service for new digital or current brands

Buying Experience For Engagement

Customer centricity in the buying experience is essential to attract and retain customers. DNO Omnichannel Framework helps to create real-time personalized buying experiences and also manages inquiry flows that customers come to expect from Internet companies. These process not only secure new revenue but also increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

Experience is the Product

When it comes to delivering digital products and services, customers have very high expectations and will not remain loyal to brands who do not deliver a “5-star” experience. LotusFlare DNO Cloud consists of a set of integrated SaaS components and an omnichannel framework used to create end-to-end digital customer journeys. LotusFlare develops from customer experience down.

Developed From Experience Down

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