Grow engagement with the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time by understanding customers needs at precise moments in time

DNO Cloud Digital Engagement

LotusFlare DNO Cloud is a cloud commerce and monetization managed service that serves as an all-digital BSS for communications and media services providers. DNO Cloud Digital Engagement is an integrated set of component software tools to let you create campaigns that send personally targeted messages to customers. Marketing teams gain the ability to schedule or a trigger an interaction event. Importantly, marketers and analysts can track and measure the impact through delivery and conversion metrics.

LotusFlare Contextual Engagement

A set of software tools to create and launch personalized campaigns in just a few clicks and track results in real-time

LotusFlare Rewards & Referrals

The foundational rewards and referral program to drive customer acquisition, engagement and retention for enterprises

LotusFlare User Management

Storage and management of user and subscriber information - such as user account history, support enquiries, invoices and transactions - with the option to configure and add new subscriber information fields

LotusFlare Notifications

Unified console that communicates with customers via all channels - such as SMS, web push, email and in-app push - and tracks responses

End-to-end Campaign Management

DNO Cloud provides engagement tools so companies can design campaigns and target their delivery to specific segments of
customers at a certain time based on specific trigger events.

LotusFlare Growth & Marketing

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Contextual Triggers & Upsell

LotusFlare provides the tools and data access to send users the right message or offer at the right time and place
based on context and direct (or indirect) user actions.

Benefits of Digital Engagement


Test & optimize with A/B framework

Experiment and learn about campaign effectiveness to increase engagement through personalized messages sent via push notification, inbox, pop-up, email or SMS.


Increase Revenues

Increase revenues via advanced segmentation and next best offer campaigns. Retain customers through contextual and multi-channel messages.

Immediate campaign analytics

Dashboard to measure customer engagement and campaign results. Track conversion rates based on different messages.

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