Digital Engagement

Grow engagement with the right offer at the right time.

Work the Internet playbook

LotusFlare Digital Engagement is a set of AI-enhanced tools designed to intelligently drive digital engagement with customers in an easy-to-use interface.

Leverage customer data to deliver relevantly timed and customized messages, rewards and digital experiences
Drive in-app engagement and activity to foster customer loyalty
Promote new services and offers across all messaging platforms
Track and measure the impact through delivery and conversion metrics

LotusFlare Contextual Engagement

An omnichannel communications console that lets you:

  • Create AI-powered personalized campaigns in just a few clicks and track results in real-time
  • Combine data from the legacy back end and your existing channels to launch effective promotional campaigns 
  • Create customer segments and triggers for tailored messaging

LotusFlare Rewards & Loyalty

A SaaS component that allows you to create, manage and track rewards, referrals and loyalty programs.

  • Create loyalty rewards to improve customer retention
  • Identify custom events to trigger payouts and other loyalty-related actions
  • Drive traffic to offering content with long-term engagement campaigns or constantly changing rewards opportunities

LotusFlare User Management

A SaaS component that allows you to  store and manage user information and relationships via an agent-friendly web portal.

  • Support authorization and authentication for different login methods
  • Securely collect confidential data and validate users with eKYC
  • Manage roles and permissions
  • Manage customer lifecycle

LotusFlare Notifications

A unified console that communicates with customers via all channels – SMS, web push, email and in-app push – and tracks responses.

  • Deliver low balance alerts, bill and payment reminders, overage charges and roaming reminders
  • Send trigger-based notifications
  • Use personalized rich messages
  • Integrate with external SMSC and email services


Test & optimize with an A/B framework

Experiment and learn about campaign effectiveness to increase engagement through personalized messages sent via inbox, push notification, pop-up, email or SMS.

Increase revenues

Increase revenues via advanced segmentation and next-best-action marketing campaigns.

Immediate campaign analytics

Dashboard to measure customer engagement and campaign results. 

LotusFlare DNO Cloud for Growth & Marketing

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End-to-end campaign management

LotusFlare DNO Cloud provides engagement tools so you can design campaigns and target their delivery to specific segments of customers based on trigger events.

Contextual triggers & upsell

LotusFlare DNO Cloud provides the tools and data to send users the right message or offer at the right time and place based on context and direct (or indirect) user actions.