Orchestration layer to make data accessible for all teams in real-time and that easily integrates with existing systems

DNO Cloud Data Hub

LotusFlare DNO Cloud is a cloud commerce and monetization managed service that serves as a digital business support system (BSS) for communications and media services providers. Enterprises today have an immense amount of customer data residing in disparate systems with no easy and efficient way to leverage that data to trigger actionable insights and drive personalized interactions. DNO Cloud Data Hub lets enterprise understand customer’s behavior and respond accordingly, an important differentiator and competitive advantage in today’s hyper-competitive markets.  

LotusFlare Analytics & Reporting

Provides a holistic view of customers and actionable insights into their behavior to enable companies to craft strategies to drive sustained customer growth

LotusFlare Central Data

Orchestration layer that makes data accessible for all teams in real-time

Unified Data Model

  • Business reporting
  • Business intelligence and product analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Machine learning and data models
LotusFlare DNO Portal, Business Reporting

Data Collection From Any Source

  • Customer usage data – voice and data consumption history.
  • Demographic data – age and gender.
  • Purchases and top-ups – transaction history.
  • Channel engagement and behavior – behavior data on apps and websites.

Access Real-time Segmentation

Framework that enables enterprises to cluster users into different cohorts and provide personalized experiences and campaigns in real-time.

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