Data Hub

Designed to make everyone a data analyst.

Get the most out of your BSS data

LotusFlare DNO™ Cloud Data Hub is an orchestration layer that collects all the data from LotusFlare DNO Cloud transactions and makes it accessible for all your teams.

Make sense of customer behavior and respond accordingly
Leverage data to drive personalized interactions
Store all data in one location so you can access it in real time for your operational and analytical needs
Easily integrate existing systems

LotusFlare Central Data

  • Organize and define data sources
  • Convert data into user segments, event triggers, analytics and reports
  • Converge different data sources such as client applications, websites, LotusFlare DNO Cloud services or customer services data

LotusFlare Analytics & Reporting

  • Simplify reporting with GenAI Analytics Assistant
  • Generate reports automatically and schedule their delivery
  • Customize reports with full flexibility on the reporting format
  • Track and report data from both front-end applications and back-end LotusFlare DNO Cloud components

LotusFlare Growth Tools

Software tools, dashboards and a testing framework based on LotusFlare’s OTT-like growth methodology.

  • Increase Monthly Active Users and long-term value
  • Compare product features, offers, value propositions or calls-to-action
  • Gain insights on conversion and outcomes
  • Understand churn sources and how to reduce them
  • Integrate with external SMSC and email services

LotusFlare Segments & Triggers

  • Create triggers for notifications or rewards
  • Manage user segments based on data from LotusFlare DNO Cloud and external services
  • Automate segmentation of new data within minutes based on filters
  • Fine-target users with promotional offers or rewards payout

Collect data from any source

  • Voice and data consumption history
  • Age and gender data
  • Purchases and top-ups
  • Channel engagement and behavior data on mobile apps and websites
LotusFlare DNO Portal, Business Reporting
Access Real-time Segmentation

Unified data model

  • Business reporting
  • Business intelligence and product analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Machine learning and data models

Real-time segmentation

Framework to enable you to cluster users and provide personalized experiences and campaigns in real time.

Ready to translate data into decisions?