LotusFlare Achieves Gold-Level Certification for TM Forum V5 Open APIs

Santa Clara, CA - April 16, 2024 - LotusFlare, provider of a cloud-native digital BSS for communications and media service providers (CSPs), today announced that it has reached gold status in the TM Forum’s Open API Conformance Certification program. Achieving this certification with LotusFlare DNO™ Cloud, LotusFlare cements its commitment to delivering open and standards-based offerings for CSPs by the TM Forum’s Open API & Open Digital Architecture Manifesto.

Open API Conformance certification for suppliers verifies the successful implementation of Open APIs in commercial products, demonstrating to clients and partners the commitment to industry standards. LotusFlare is currently one of three organizations that have achieved Open API certification on the latest V5 Open APIs. LotusFlare APIs were generated directly using AI tools from the TM Forum API swagger specifications and tested against TM Forum Open API standards.

“With our certification to V5 Open APIs, LotusFlare is committed to TM Forum’s Open API standards, which will benefit the entire enterprise IT ecosystem by enabling new applications and digital services,” commented Terry Guo, Chief Product Officer of LotusFlare. “LotusFlare DNO™ Cloud using APIs generated directly from TM Forum Open APIs will increase business innovation agility and speed up the delivery of business outcomes to CSPs. LotusFlare is proud to be at the forefront of adopting V5 Open APIs with our Gold-level certification.”

LotusFlare’s gold-certified Open APIs are available in LotusFlare DNO™ Cloud, which is already in production within leading CSPs including A1, T-Mobile and Globe Telecom.