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White Papers
LotusFlare white papers
5G: Racing Up the Wrong Hill?
In this White Paper, we argue that to realize a positive return on their 5G investment, telecom Operators must also include a compelling digital customer experience in their 5G roadmap.
LotusFlare white papers
The New eSIM Customer Experience
In this White Paper, we look at some of the current challenges Operators face when deploying eSIM and at the solution developed by LotusFlare to make eSIM activation quick and easy.
LotusFlare white papers
Digital Network Operator®: Bridging Operators with the OTT Experience
Can Operators apply the ‘playbook’ of the most successful OTT players to grow revenues, reduce costs and improve time-to-market, while providing the intuitive and engaging mobile experiences that users want?
LotusFlare white papers
Digital Customer Channel
Learn how you can improve your digital channels in the digital age and times of crisis, while having continuity and sustainability of operations.
Product Sheets
LotusFlare white papers
Contextual Engagement Platform
CEP lets Operators design and deliver effective campaigns that drive retention, engagement, and monetization. Create customer segments, run effective campaigns and see results in real time, with our lightweight SDK.
LotusFlare white papers
Dynamic Product Platform
DPP is a cloud-based solution that lets Operators launch innovative data products and new monetization strategies in real time, and in just a few clicks. Create app-based offers and bundles with the most popular apps, while retaining full control of charging and provisioning.
LotusFlare white papers
Unified Product Catalog
Meet the LotusFlare Unified Product Catalog. It enables the fast deployment of new offers, bundling telecom products (voice, data, SMS) with popular content (video, music, gaming), across any type of product catalog: prepaid, post-paid, roaming, wireline, broadband, and 3rd party VAS or e-commerce products.
LotusFlare white papers
Online Charging System
Learn how you can help your subscribers control their costs and customize their plans, while you enjoy a more reliable system and faster time-to-market.
LotusFlare white papers
eSIM Cloud
Learn how you can leapfrog the current status quo and offer customers an easy and fast way to on-board and provision their smartphone on your network.
Customer Success Stories
LotusFlare white papers
Globe Switch: Raising ARPU by 20% with a Digital Brand
LotusFlare white papers
Digi: Building a 100% Digital Mobile Brand
LotusFlare white papers
Ookyo: Deploying DNO™ for a Leading Mobile Operator
LotusFlare white papers
Growth Services: Driving $20MM annual reduction in OpEx for a Tier One North American
LotusFlare white papers
Indosat: Building a World-Class Self-Care App
LotusFlare white papers
Permata Bank: Driving Digital Growth for a Leading Bank in Asia
Growth Platform
Learn about the LotusFlare Growth Platform, the next-generation platform to acquire, engage and monetize on your digital channels.
Digital Network Operator
See how DNO™ lets Operators deliver an awesome and fully digital mobile experience, just like the ones provided by the most loved OTT apps.

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