Consumer and Enterprise

How can Telecom Operators delight their customers and build loyalty?

Being historically focused on providing minutes and MBs of data, many Telecom Operators want to expand their consumer offering beyond connectivity. The traditional points of competitive differentiation - network coverage and retail stores - are diminishing quickly.
Consumer use cases:

Move beyond selling 3Ms (Minutes, Megabytes and Messages) to offer rich content and innovative product bundles.

Build a digital-focused challenger brand to target a young customer segment.

Transform your IT stack to provide simplicity, flexibility and faster time to market.

Increase transactions and customer support on your digital channels.

Most Telecom Operators have focused their digital transformation efforts on their consumer business. Now the time is right to upgrade the digital experience for your enterprise and SMB clients.

LotusFlare’s DNO and Growth platforms are designed to serve both Consumer and Enterprise sectors.

Telecom Operators have a large number of enterprise clients who are supported by the enterprise sales and account management teams. However, this high-touch sales approach serves only the top 10% of enterprise customers. The LotusFlare Growth platform enables Telecom Operators to serve the long-tail of small and medium businesses and provide personalized services.

The eSIM Cloud platform within the DNO IT stack is being used by Telecom Operators to power their IoT platforms by enabling connectivity and information exchange between IoT devices and IoT applications.
Additional enterprise use cases include:
Move more customer support and purchases into your digital channels and away from high cost direct sales and call centers.
Develop a cross-channel content strategy to improve the user experience and drive better relationships with customers across various points of contact.
Accelerate time-to-market for new rate plans and 3rd party product bundles.
Use data and A/B testing to design, segment and launch tailored products and services.
eSIM provisioning for tablets, laptops, smartphones and IoT devices.
Digital Maturity Readiness

A few simple questions can help baseline your digital readiness and start a case for change. These questions uncover digital enhancement opportunities that LotusFlare’s products and services can quickly solve.

  • How long does it take, and at what cost, to launch new rate plans, products or services?
  • Do you offer customers seamless personalized experiences across web, apps and retail?
  • What percent of all customer transactions occur on your digital channels?
  • Can you guide customers (both consumer and enterprise) on a self-service journey towards the next best action to meet their needs?
  • Does your IT stack incorporate best practices used by Internet companies?
Digital Maturity Readiness