LotusFlare bridges the world of Telecom Operators with the world of the Internet companies.

Telecom Operators can no longer compete on just network speed, coverage or price. Our research shows that Telecom Operators that can provide personalized and friction-free user experiences over digital channels command higher customer engagement, loyalty, and ARPU.
What if we could apply the playbook of the most successful Internet companies to help Telecom Operators grow revenue, reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market, while providing intuitive and engaging digital experiences that users expect?
LotusFlare bridges the world of Telecom Operators with the world of the Internet companies.

Digital Network Operator®: the next-generation IT platform for Telecom

Leveraged by Telecom Operators globally to power a 'telco in an app' experience for customers, Digital Network Operator (DNO™) lets you enhance your existing brand or launch an entirely new brand with minimal cost, no retail presence and a fast time to market. Digital first, 5G and eSIM-ready, DNO delivers the experience that your customers expect today.

Digital Network Operator (DNO)
Communications Communications
In the past, launching a new brand required large teams, lots of investment and years of work. No more.
DNO is a modular, cloud-native IT stack that brings speed, lower cost and agility to Telecom Operators. The 5G and eSIM-ready product components are designed to work together or can be deployed individually.
Digital Network Operator®
A modular, cloud-native IT stack
100% digital
100% digital
Users register, order a SIM or provision their device with eSIM, choose their personalized plan, and port-in their number - all via the Telecom Operator’s app. No need to visit a store or call an agent.
Drive revenue from telco and non-telco products via effective targeting plus upsell and cross-sell campaigns.
Pay as you grow
Pay as you grow
A cloud-based IT stack which requires no new hardware. Telecom Operator spend is tied to subscriber growth and KPI improvement.
Cutting edge
Cutting edge
Incorporate best practices from leading Internet companies to deploy a modern, agile IT stack.
DNO User Journey: Contactless with 100% digital touch points
In-app on-boarding eSIM Activation Mobile Number Porting Online Billing & Payment In-app Customer Care Rewards & Referral

In-app on-boarding

eSIM Activation

Mobile Number Porting

Online Billing & Payment

In-app Customer Care

Rewards & Referral

DNO has helped Telecom Operators achieve


Increase in CLTV


Increase in ARPU


Reduction in operating costs
Contextual Engagement Platform

Deliver personalized offers linked to customer usage, top-ups, device type or demographics.

Unified Product Catalog

Bundle rate plans with the latest 3rd party video, music and gaming services.

Converged Charging System

Manage subscriber account balance, real-time rating, 5G convergent charging and policy control.

eSIM Cloud

Use eSIM to acquire high-ARPU customers and reduce the cost and headache of managing physical SIMs.

Rewards & Referral

Drive customer loyalty and referrals with a world-class loyalty and reward engine.

Periscope Insights

Discover more insights about your target customers.

Central Data Platform

A data orchestration layer to create dynamic objects, provide customer insights and suggest next best actions.

Dynamic Product Platform

Create time-bound and location-specific offers with the most popular apps in your market today.

Today having a digital channel is not just nice to have, but a must have for business continuity. Provide your customers with a seamless, fun and personalized customer experience all via an app.

LotusFlare Customers

Some of our customers use our full DNO stack, others just use specific modules.

We have launched new digital telco brands, upgraded IT components, integrated with many legacy telco vendors, and built custom products along the way.

Check out how our customers are benefiting from LotusFlare’s digital transformation secret sauce.

Digi Tapp

Leading Digital Transformation

Globe Switch

Increasing ARPU with a Digital Brand

Digital Maturity Readiness

A few simple questions can help baseline your digital readiness and start a case for change. These questions uncover digital enhancement opportunities that LotusFlare’s products and services can quickly solve.

  • How long does it take, and at what cost, to launch new rate plans, products or services?
  • Do you offer customers seamless personalized experiences across web, apps and retail?
  • What percent of all customer transactions occur on your digital channels?
  • Can you guide customers (both consumer and enterprise) on a self-service journey towards the next best action to meet their needs?
  • Does your IT stack incorporate best practices used by Internet companies?
Digital Maturity Readiness