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LotusFlare Digital Network Operator™:
the next-generation operator stack

LotusFlare Digital Network Operator™: the next-generation operator stack

In the past, launching a new brand required large teams and lots of CapEx for network deployment and retail presence. No More.

We have built Digital Network Operator™ (DNO™), a 'telco in an app' solution for mobile operators. DNO™ lets you launch an entirely new mobile brand with minimal CapEx, no retail presence and a fast time to market. 100% digital, intuitive and personalised. This the experience customers expect today.

100% digital

Users register, port-in their number, order a SIM and choose their personalised plan, all via the operator’s app. No need to visit a store or call an agent.

Pay as you grow

DNO™ is cloud-based and requires no new hardware. Operator spend is tied to subscriber growth and KPI improvement.


DNO™ includes an Online Charging System and integrates seamlessly to operator Billing Systems. It includes innovative features: build-your-own-plan, data buyback, chatbot, VOiP, referrals and loyalty programs.

DNO™ has already been successfully deployed by two of Asia's leading mobile operators.


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DNO™ can be deployed by itself, or alongside our Growth Platform for additional impact.

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Are you a mobile operator?

See how our Growth Platform lets you improve acquisition, retention and monetisation on your mobile apps.

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