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Driving Digital Growth for a Leading Asian Bank

Permata Bank
Permata Bank is one of the largest banks in Indonesia. Established in 1955, it now has over 300 branches and 3.6 million customers.

Permata Bank’s mobile app provides a fully digital experience for Permata customers, including being able to open an account without visiting a branch.

Permata Bank, Indonesia

“LotusFlare brought a fresh perspective and helped my team deploy an advanced digital Growth playbook for our new mobile app. We could see a tangible impact in registered users, engagement and retention.”

Abdy Salimin, Permata Bank CTO


No efficient systems to organize and analyze the bank’s data - app performance, user reviews, and conversion events were not being utilized to provide valuable insights into marketing and product strategies.

Solution: LotusFlare’s Growth Framework
LotusFlare’s Growth Framework

LotusFlare has experience working with leading brands around the world to effectively use data to drive Growth in app adoption and usage.

LotusFlare applied a two-phase Growth framework
Growth framework Growth framework

LotusFlare’s approach is to systematically drive user acquisition, engagement and monetization on digital channels.


Permata MobileX’s app penetration in the client base improved by 7% per month. Play store ratings improved from 3.7 to 4.5 stars. It became the highest rated app in its category in Indonesia.

Enhanced App Performance
Enhanced App Performance
Improved Customer Experience
Improved Customer Experience
More Effective Campaigns
More Effective Campaigns
New Features

Permata Bank screen 1

Permata Bank screen 2

Permata Bank screen 3

After implementing UI/UX changes in the app, and removing a significant friction point, the customer drop-off rate decreased from 60% to 1%.