A digital health and wellness platform


Metro Pacific Health Tech Corporation (MPIC) is a leading infrastructure holding company in the Philippines operating under the mWell brand. 

MPIC observed through research that Filipinos are:


Involved in fitness & exercise


Focused on healthy food


Have plans for personal healthcare

Empowering customers to take charge of their health

MPIC launched an integrated health and wellness platform that can help customers improve their lifestyle, access doctors and experts, and get affordable health solutions.

All-in-one digital wellness platform

The mWell app (available for iOS and Android) offers a range of features to help consumers manage their health.

Metro Pacific on LotusFlare

“We are delighted to have LotusFlare software powering our digital health platform.”

Dan Horan, Founder of mWell, a unit of Metro Pacific Health Group

Platform delivered

Within 6 months of its partnership with MPIC, LotusFlare delivered the platform to enable a seamless healthcare experience connecting patients to doctors and a host of health and wellness service providers and content sources.

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Back-end integrations with 3rd-party partners include medical health records, hospitals, clinics, medical health insurance providers, eCommerce, AI-assisted medical triage, e-pharmacy, payment, logistics and delivery.

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