Indosat & LotusFlare

Building a World-Class Digital Commerce Platform with an OTT Playbook

Revamping the customer experience in the myIM3 digital commerce platform

LotusFlare helped Indosat substantially improve the user experience on the myIM3 platform in order to drive business KPIs including ARPU and retention.

Indosat, Indonesia

Indosat is the second largest mobile operator in Indonesia with over 70 million subscribers. It is part of the Ooredoo Group based in Qatar. In 2016, Indosat aspired to become the #1 digital company in Indonesia. They needed a new partner with a fresh perspective and leading products to help them execute their digital transformation.

Indosat phones graphic
Select a number and order your SIM

Select a number and order your SIM.

Invite friends and get rewarded with 1GB of data

Invite friends and get rewarded with 1GB of data.

Buy video and music via the app

Buy video and music via the app.


When the engagement began, less than 1% of Indosat subscribers were using the self-care app, which suffered from poor UX/UI, low ratings, and a frequent number of complaints and crashes. LotusFlare helped Indosat entirely revamp the user experience on the app, starting with defining the core value proposition, streamlining the onboarding experience and eliminating other friction points. The goal was to apply best practices in UX/UI and to build a more intuitive experience, in order to double the 30-day retention rate. Once the UX was stabilized and product-market fit achieved, LotusFlare helped Indosat implement country-wide acquisition campaigns.


Monthly active users of the app grew from 250,000 to 6,900,000


App rating
App rating went from 3.1 to 4.5 on the app stores


Customers with the new app were 4% less likely to churn


User complaints
User complaints about the app’s stability dropped by 82%


Retention Rate
The 30-day retention rate jumped from 30% to 60%


Indosat myIM3 customers generated 7% higher ARPU
Unlimited number of transactions

On the backend, the new app can support an almost unlimited volume of transactions per second. LotusFlare also built and implemented a system for real-time monitoring and alerting.

“We picked LotusFlare to be our digital transformation partner at Indosat. Their unique combination of deep product expertise, OTT background and Growth stack allowed us to increase ARPU, reduce churn and exponentially grow active users of our app.”

Andreas Gregori, CMO, Indosat