Digi & LotusFlare

Telco in an App: a Digital Network Operator ® Deployment

Tapp is the telco experience that millenials want

Digi has partnered with LotusFlare to create a new brand called Tapp. The brand is targeted at millennial customers who expect their experience with a telco to be similar to the ones provided by Facebook, Amazon or Uber: seamless, immediate and personalized.

Digi is a leading telecom operator in Malaysia.
Key features

Tapp lets customers register in seconds, order a SIM, choose or port-in their number, customize their plans and enjoy advanced features, without ever having to visit a store. Tapp is supported by Digital Network Operator®, an award-winning, cloud-based solution for next-generation Operators.

Tapp is expected to have higher NPS

Digital Network Operator® has allowed Digi to go from idea to launch in under six months, with a dramatically lower CapEx than traditional solutions.

Tapp is expected to have higher NPS, retention and ARPU than the main Digi brand.

TAPP allows Digi to experiment with innovative features, a new GTM approach, customer experience and analytics framework. These learnings can be brought back into the organization and applied to Digi’s entire range of products and services.

Tapp is expected to have higher NPS