Telco in an app

Challenge: Digital experience for millennials

CelcomDigi, a leading communications services provider in Malaysia, partnered with LotusFlare to create a brand called Tapp. The brand targeted millennial customers who expected their experience with a telco to be similar to the ones provided by Facebook, Amazon or Uber — seamless, immediate and personalized.

Tapp let customers register in seconds, order a SIM, choose or port in their number, customize their plans and enjoy advanced features, without ever having to visit a store

LotusFlare Digital Network Operator® Cloud was the cloud-native software foundation for Tapp.

Solution: LotusFlare DNO™ Cloud

LotusFlare DNOCloud allowed CelcomDigi to go from idea to launch in under 6 months while lowering CapEx compared to legacy solutions.

Tapp: Higher NPS, retention & ARPU

Tapp allowed CelcomDigi to experiment with innovative features, a new GTM approach, customer experience and analytics framework. These learnings were brought back into the organization and applied to CelcomDigi’s entire range of products and services.

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