Why Digital Channels Are Essential for Continuity of Business

In this crisis environment your digital channels will be stress-tested like never before.  80% of telecom operator’s retail stores and indirect dealers are closed in many countries. Call centers and retail agents may not be available.  

Meanwhile, mobile data and fixed broadband usage has spiked as more people work from home and stream video.  Customers, transactions, and support are all going digital faster than ever before. In some cases the only way a customer can reach your company is via your app or website.

Are your digital channels ready?

During this global crisis a world-class digital customer channel is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’; it is a ‘must-have’ for business continuity and sustainability of operations.

Do not disappoint your customers with slow load times, app crashes, failed purchase attempts and dead-end customer support inquiries.

Success on digital is much more than just an attractive UX/UI, a new feature or a clean design.  It is about building and maintaining the right technology stack and infrastructure which enables flexibility, scalability, high performance, security and extensibility. This combination is the ‘secret sauce’ that leading Internet companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Uber and Netflix have learned in order to deliver exceptional customer experience.  There are no shortcuts or quick hacks.

It is important to start with designing a delightful customer experience, and then apply customers’ requirements to building the right product and IT infrastructure.  We call this ‘working down the IT stack’.

One of the biggest issues we see with clients is that the performance of the application or website deteriorates as the number of active users grows. The reason behind this is the backend architecture and infrastructure is not designed to be linearly scalable and extendable.  Scalability is one of the biggest challenges in designing the digital backend. It touches the mobile apps, website, server back-end, APIs, 3rd party integrations and hosting infrastructure.

The simple analogy for this is an iceberg floating in the ocean.  20% of the iceberg is above the water line and visible to the user - the product UX / UI and key features.  But it is the 80% below that water line that determines the success or failure of the digital product. This means enterprises must have clean code bases, stable APIs, modern security, 3rd party SDKs, cloud infrastructure with auto-scaling and real time analytics built-in.  And enterprises need a rapid build-test-deploy-iterate development cycle measured in days not quarters.

The time to act and improve your apps and website is now.  

LotusFlare works with telecom, media, healthcare and financial services companies around the world to dramatically improve digital products using our firsthand experience from leading Internet companies.  Our team brings a full-stack digital capability covering UX/UI design, app development, patented products, digital middleware components, server engineering, cloud infrastructure and the Growth discipline pioneered at Facebook.  We work across operating systems, dev frameworks, hosting environments and products

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